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Alice Sutton: Edition

Wendy Johnson

Alice Sutton has a lot to reveal about the new collection she’ll launch at FASHFEST 2016.

The fashion designer behind the highly respected independent label ‘Edition’ will extend her aesthetic and launch a collection that is a bit more formal yet highly versatile.

‘Reveal’, the name of the collection, is destined to looking stunning on the catwalk, as all of Alice’s collections do.

EDITION In Motion Photographer Andrew O'Toole 1

Photographer Andrew O’Toole, Model Emily Nash, Hair Joey Scandizzo, Makeup Kylie O’Toole

The award-winning designer wowed audiences at the inaugural FASHFEST with ‘Until We Arrive’, inspired by Canberra’s landscape and featuring the lifecycle of the Bogong moth. She’s back this year with more exciting and wearable designs that defy trends. Edition garments stand the test of time and last forever, thanks to the quality of fabric Alice chooses and her skill at creating each piece.


Photographer Robert Coppa, Model Katie van den Box, Makeup Natalia Pastor, Hair Hayley Boyle

Alice recently got married and it’s no surprise that she designed and made her own dress, the dresses for her bridesmaids, her mum and the mother of the bride. In doing so she was inspired to create Reveal.

“I decided to design a collection of more formal pieces that could be worn for special events, but still stay true to what Edition is, and has always been,” says Alice. “I’ve thought about what makes a garment “formal”. Traditionally fabrics, like sheers, satins and lace are associated with formal wear. I wondered whether I could incorporate other fabrics, such as wool, which I made my wedding dress with. It’s so versatile, sustainable and breathable, even in summer.”

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Photographer Kent Marcus, Model Katie van den Bos, Makeup and hair Hayley Boyle

With Reveal, Alice is also experimenting with sleeve silhouettes, aware that some women want to cover their arms when at a more formal occasion.

True to the ‘look that is Edition’, most pieces in Reveal will be black but Alice will incorporate some colour and a print. “I’m quite excited about the print,” she says. “When designing my mum’s dress, I noticed she was always drawn to prints so explored that.”

EDITION In Motion Photographer Andrew O'Toole

Photographer Andrew O’Toole, Model Emily Nash, Hair Joey Scandizzo, Makeup Kylie O’Toole

Another feature of the collection is the versatility of pieces and how they are interactive. One piece, for example, can be worn down around the neck or twisted and worn around the neck. “It can be worn to hide body parts or reveal them,” says Alice. “The interactive pieces can be worn a few ways, which guests at FASHFEST will see on the catwalk. Customers will be able to play and make these pieces their own.”

Alice says she designs primarily for the 30 plus market, although Edition is a favourite for those younger and through to senior years.


Photographer Robert Coppa, Model Katie van den Box, Makeup Natalia Pastor, Hair Hayley Boyle

Alice works from her studio at Australian National Capital Artists Inc. (Dickson) and sells Edition garments through Assemblage Project, owned and run by another designer who will showcase this year at FASHFEST, Karen Lee. Assemblage is strong on high-quality, well designed and well made, independent fashion labels, many from Canberra. It’s a perfect fit for Edition.

Edition will be at FASHFEST on closing night. Tickets for FASHFEST (29 September to 3 October with six distinct shows) will be on sale soon at

HerCanberra is proud to be a sponsor of FASHFEST 2016. 

Wendy Johnson

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