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Her Home: an Eclectic Escape

Belinda Neame

Emma believes that the key to creating a memorable home is surrounding herself with things she loves

Taking inspiration from travels and art, HerCanberra’s Emma Macdonald’s Ainslie home is eclectic, collected and bold — a sanctuary for her busy family.


Having inherited her mother’s eye for unique pieces, Emma believes that the key to creating a memorable home is surrounding herself with things she loves, rather than seeking to recreate a look that is trending.


Art looms large throughout the home, the diverse collection spanning Indigenous canvasses, vintage rock posters and a favourite bright yellow Vichy poster.


The latter is an advertising poster (see in feature image at the top of the page), featuring artwork by Rene Gruau, which graced the sides of Parisian buses in the early 1970s. Only a handful of originals remain and after years of keeping watch, Emma’s husband, Paul Chamberlin, finally tracked one down in Paris.


The galley kitchen is the heart of the home and it’s here where Emma spends a lot of her time with her children, connecting across the kitchen bench while she prepares meals.


Life is hectic during the week, so Emma likes to guard her family time quite zealously on weekends by setting the formal dining table for family dinner complete with music, candles and three-course meals. Home is definitely where Emma’s heart is.







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All photos by Martin Ollman.


Belinda Neame

Belinda is HerCanberra's Production Manager. A foodie and lover of handmade, Belinda enjoys nothing more than a good coffee and seeing Canberra businesses thrive. In her 'spare time', Belinda organises the quarterly Canberra street food event, The Forage with her husband Tim. More about the Author