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Home Stories: Regina Andracchio

Ashley Feraude and Cass Atkinson

Many of us love Canberra for its ‘bush capital’ status.

But for some of us, the abundance of open plains and nature reserves are just not enough to fulfil our nature fix—so we decide to move just outside the border for the ultimate country life.

Regina, her husband Scott and cat Ernesto have done exactly that, so Cass and I packed a lunch, put on a road trip mixtape and paid them a visit at their bushland property in Wamboin.

Regina moved across the border about seven years ago with her husband—they work together running two businesses, ICT consulting business Holistic Qi and Campacchio Fine Foods, but they also collaborate outside of work.

Together, they undertook a massive renovation project to turn an originally six-bedroom house in a two-bedroom home with masses of open living spaces, designed specifically for them to live in. And when I say ‘to live in’ I mean exactly that.

“What’s the point of having six bedrooms when you only use two and spend most of your time in the living spaces? We downsized the bedrooms and upsized everything else where we can spend time and entertain,” says Regina.

As a couple, Regina and Scott like to read, cook, relax by the fire and play snooker under a deer’s head. So they have created a space for each of these activities in a home that could be described as part fancy country estate and part quirky hideaway.

Even though Regina and Scott were modest when telling me about the downsized bedrooms, the truth is they are both larger than most people’s garages, each complete with an ensuite, walk-in wardrobe and shoe cupboard. Yes, a walk-in shoe cupboard.

Aside from the bedrooms, the living spaces, walkways and bathrooms are spacious, comfortable and accented with quaint pieces from trips to Asia and Europe. In perusing the décor, it became very apparent that the character of the home was really lifted by the unusual elements in every room, which Regina and Scott have collected over the past decade.

Every item has a story and a functional place—from the steam engine pressure cylinder light, the vintage Italian tea set and the wine rack writing desk, to the wooden donkey saddle table and postage sorting cabinet wine cellar.

This eclectic selection of items is mixed with modern elements like those ‘in-vogue’ black chandeliers, proving once again that interior design is about the relationship of meaningful elements in spaces that make our living comfortable.


We ventured into the ensuite, a roomy space featuring a large shower against a window with views to the bushland surrounds. As we explored the room, two things occurred to me. Firstly, I’m way too shy to take a shower like that (being as famous as I am there lots of paparazzi following me around of course), and secondly, that living in the country like this is a massive expression of freedom.

Freedom to not worry about usage of space or whether the blinds are drawn. Freedom to test how loud your speakers can go, or enjoy the quiet of nature. Freedom to choose which room you’ll be enjoying a book and a wine tonight …or which duck in the pond you’re going to eat for dinner.

I think I should stop there before I start sounding like a character out of a Braveheart, but let me end on this; I encourage you to be brave and live the way you want to live.
















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Photography by Cass Atkinson


Ashley Feraude

Ashley Feraude is a creative consultant, music producer and man-about-town. Under his Sound Technique agency, he provides award-winning consultancy services ranging from branding design, creative content development and event music direction for events and hospitality venues. Under the alias Magnifik, he produces award-winning original music filled with electronic soul and performs melodic DJ sets at numerous night spots, events and festivals. And if that wasn’t enough, Ashley is also the author of this insightful interior design editorial series. So is he suffering from split personality disorder and has an obsession over pointy awards? Not really...he just loves design, music and getting an insight into people’s personalities. Plus he likes being really busy. More about the Author


Cass Atkinson

Cass Atkinson is a photographer who loves shooting weddings & families when she's not shooting interiors & architecture. She’s equal parts homebody and adventurer who loves curling up with a book as much as a trip to somewhere new. She values authenticity, cheeky humour, unexpected details, doesn’t take herself too seriously, and the jam doughnut addiction runs deep. She’s a born & raised Canberra native and her hobbies include collecting vintage cameras & being sassed by her threenager. More about the Author

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