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Knight Shift: Customising Canberra

Sophia Bouzas

“We are excited about the opportunities that we can offer businesses, creatives and individuals”

Logan Knight, Creative Director of leading creative communications agency Coordinate, alongside wife Christina, Senior Consultant of Callida Consulting, have combined their skills in design and business to create custom printing and apparel company – Knight Shift. #PowerCouple much? We think so.


Knight Shift is Canberra based and has been a long-term project of the Knight family – which includes adorable Little Leo and Baby Knight on the way. Logan has been behind many of Coordinate’s brand conceptualisations but his passion for clothing design started well before that.


“I’ve always had an interest in art and design from a young age,” explains Logan. “I started learning about art and design whilst completing my Bachelor of Arts at Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga and at around the same time developed a desire to create my own clothing label because I believe it is the best way to display your ideas and spread the word.”


Logan and Christina started out with custom stationary and homewares business Curious Connie but expanded when they saw an extended market for their designs.

“Curious Connie started as an event stationery brand with fun designs that incorporated a lot of illustrative aspects,” says Logan. “As time went on we thought home decor items, particularly cushions were a particular product that we could do present some interesting and fun designs for. Curious Connie today is more about giving our little ones (infants and toddlers) a personalised design for their nursery or bedroom.”


The whimsy of some of the Curious Connie products contrasts starkly against those of Germ Apparel, Knight Shift’s newest clothing line.

“For a while we have been outsourcing the printing of our designs for our range of cushions for Curious Connie, along with testing out our own developed designs on a range of garments, with our newly developed brand, Germ Apparel,” explains Logan.

“Germ Apparel is a completely different brand, designed as a street wear brand. We can’t remember how the name ‘Germ’ came about, but it has become catchy and we definitely have had a few second glances when we mention it to people. That’s what we love about it! Hopefully it is one of those brand names that becomes memorable.”


Logan says he hopes that in the future Knight Shift can move to be an online marketplace for Canberra designers and small businesses.

“We want to develop relationships with other businesses, creatives and individuals who require these services and encourage everyone to use their imagination and approach us with their ideas so we can assist them with their vision,” says Logan.

“We want to encourage fellow designers to use their creative skills and share this with the wider community. We want to work with other businesses who offer the services that we don’t.”

In the meantime, Logan is excited to grow the Germ brand into something memorable and expansive.

“Germ is a brand that we can get a little creative in and explore new ideas for children’s/youth wear and adults street wear,” he says. “In the next few months, we will be releasing some ‘Little Germ’ designs for the young ones and additional designs to our current range to cater for all men, women and children.”

For more on Knight Shift, Curious Connie and Germ Apparel see or follow Knight Shift on Instagram @knight.shift


Sophia Bouzas

Sophia is a local Canberra girl half way through her Public Relations/Law degree. But when she’s not studying, paralegal-ing or interning for the lovely team at HerCanberra, you will probably find her enjoying Canberra’s selection of cafes, watching cheesy romantic comedies with a tea in hand or planning her next adventure. More about the Author