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Lomography (summer) Lovin’

Amanda Smith

Film is not dead. It’s alive and kicking and calling your name.

Lomography is a movement with millions of followers, all dedicated to experimental photography practices and methods. It’s been around for 25 years and in that time, has created, inspired and challenged the norms. What people may consider flaws, Lomography embraces. They’re remarkably easy to use and only require you to push the trigger. Developing your film is as simple as taking it to Teds, Bica Photographics in Kingston or Civic Proframe.

The only thing I ask that you keep in mind when considering Lomography, is to understand these cameras weren’t built to rival your DSLR or phone camera. These cameras implore you to live in each frame you shoot and to enjoy the moment that will be immortalised on film, not a memory card.

Here are a few great cameras to try this summer.



Lomography the brand have created what could be argued as the best Instant camera on the market. The Lomo’Instant looks a bit boxy but with its clean design lines and interchangeable lenses, it’s a very cool accessory to take to a garden party, the beach or to the street. The other very cool aspect of Lomo is the fact that they understand not one size fits all so their cameras come in a range of different colours, patterns and finishes.

It’s also great in the ways you can adapt the camera to suit you and your style. With ease in mind, Lomo developed three extra lens options for your instant gems. Depending on how you’re feeling, you can attach a Fisheye, Close Up or Portrait lens and experiment away!

With three simple shooting modes available, it suits all kinds of situations and lighting.

What – Lomo’Instant
Film – Instax Mini (pack of 10) $15 from JB HIFI
Price – $181

Diana F+


This is one classy lady you won’t be able to get enough of. Diana is a square format camera with very few controls so the beauty of the unknown is where this camera thrives. To explain the term square format, the image is shot on a roll of film that produces square images. Diana takes 120 film which is about $12 from Teds, available in black and white or colour.

Creating dreamy images since the early 60’s, Diana is a bit of a cult classic. With two basic functions, pin-hole or multiple exposure, it’s no wonder why it’s remained on the best seller list. You can attach a flash if you’re feeling a bit fancy or you can wing it, the choice is totally yours.

What – Diana F+
Film – 120 (12 exposures) – $12 at Teds
Price – $63

La Sardina


La Sardina looks like a sardine tin but believe me when I say, nothing stinks here.

With a range of different styles and finishes, it’s the chicest shooting companion you’ll ever have. La Sardina has super simple settings but with that in mind, it’s designed with the multiple exposure function. Multiple exposures are fun and easy so don’t be scared of the phrase! There’s a little switch on the camera that says MX and a round knob next to it. The round knob is so if you want to experiment in analogue heaven, you can manually wind back your 35mm film to layer another photo on top. Or you absolutely don’t have to and you can take wide angle photos instead! What choice! A great addition to your handbag when you’re exploring the streets.

What – La Sardina
Film – 35mm (36 exposures) – from $19 to $40
Price – $74

If you’re interested in what other beauties Lomography have created, head over to their website and get inspired. They have a great community base available to answer any queries you might have as well.


Amanda Smith

Amanda is a lunch enthusiast and Canberra local with a love of all things curious. With a background in photography and current studies in journalism, she hopes to produce work on the human condition and what makes us so intricate. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her eccentric family and buying bread, dip and olives from the Old Bus Depot Markets for lunch on a Sunday. More about the Author

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