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Pony & Pins: growing to great lengths

Calum Stenning

A milestone in any career is becoming your own boss—whether you’re a chef opening a kitchen, a yoga teacher opening a studio, or a hair stylist opening their own salon.

But while having agency over your craft is a wonderful thing, building a talented team around you that shares your passion is even better. Peter Magro is one such small business owner. He opened Pony & Pins in 2014 and hasn’t looked back.

“I had been a hairdresser for more than 15 years when I opened Pony & Pins and I wanted to create a humble, warm and friendly environment for my clients to come to and a great working environment for me and my team,” Peter explains.

“I wanted to be my own boss but I also wanted to give back to the industry’s upcoming talent the knowledge and exposure that I was given during my training.”

The Pony and Pins team. Peter (front left) and Leslie (top middle)

The Pony and Pins team. Peter (front left) and Leslie (top middle)

The Pony & Pins team has grown since it opened; with one of the most recent additions being stylist and colourist, Leslie Henshaw. With a background in award-winning colour (such as being listed as a finalist in the 2016 Australian Hair Fashion Awards) Peter is understandably excited to have him on board.

“Leslie is a colour expert specialising in blondes and vivid colours,” says Peter. “He is also a very experienced session stylist and educator, travelling all over Australia and internationality to deliver colour training.”

For his part, Leslie says he’s excited about this new opportunity, citing Peter’s ethos as one of the deciding factors for his move to the salon.

“I’m excited about working in a great atmosphere, continuing to give great service to my existing clients and welcoming some new clients as well,” he says.

“I had a week with Peter last year for a global conference and we got along well and spent some time together we also share the same work values and ethics so it was an obvious choice.”


Peter shares Leslie’s excitement for the future of the salon.

“We have been working hard over the last three years to show the Canberra community that the little salon from Phillip can also be one of the best and with our new team I’m confident that it’s coming true,” he says.

“Last year I won a competition to travel to the US and this year we have been involved in more shoots, fashion parades and community events. I’m very excited to see what the next chapter holds in store for our team.”

“We are a creative bunch that can back it up with great foundation training, charming personalities and up to date skill sets of all the latest trends from around the globe. I hope that we can continue to meet the high standards we have set for ourselves, grow as a team and have a little fun along the way.”

In addition to Leslie, other new recruits for Pony & Pins are Clair Hattersley and Miranda Schreiber, bringing the current staff to five.

“I’d love to get the team more involved in photographic work and education,” says Leslie, who shares Peter’s competitive spirit.

“I plan on entering some competitions at the beginning of next year, continuing to educate in hair colouring nationally and internationally.”


In the meantime, Leslie has jetted off to London for Salon International.

These are indeed exciting times for Pony & Pins, perhaps most so for Peter, who gets to watch his salon grow in both staff and experience.

“I hope that when someone asks, ‘Where is the best place in Canberra to get your hair done?’ more and more people will say, ‘without a doubt, Pony and Pins’.”

the essentials

What: Pony & Pins
Where: 66-72 Townshend Street, Phillip
When: Call 6281 7407 to book

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Calum Stenning

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