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Pretty Pins: Stocked for success

Emily Simpson

Anyone who wears stockings on a regular basis knows just how futile it is trying to prevent holes and ladders from forming after a few uses.

So what to do… Buy them in bulk? Keep $10 at work in case of emergency ladders?

Canberra business Pretty Pins may have the solution. Not only does the start-up offer a range of quality stockings, it delivers a subscription service so you never find yourself frantically combing your underwear drawer for a pristine pair.  So, where did the idea spring from?

“Good friends of ours, Nick and Justin, had just launched their own e-commerce business selling men’s ties” explains Sarah Jesudason, Pretty Pins co-founder.

“From a casual conversation over beers one day, our idea for a subscription service for ladies stockings was born”

Sarah couldn’t shake the idea, and decided to turn it into a reality.

“I bounced the idea off our good friends, and now business partners, Allen and Annee; who shared our excitement. We had a good mix of skills and backgrounds – IT, advertising and marketing, financial consulting and project management.”

Their combined skillsets make for a foolproof business approach. Intensive investigation made the niche area that little bit more familiar, and the team’s knowledge of denier and stocking composition has far exceeded expectations.

So what exactly does Pretty Pins offer? Upon subscribing, customers can receive up to four pairs of silken-feel stockings in a broad range of styles and makes, in the mail every month.


After three years in the making, the concept and product was released to the public this month, when the brand’s website went live. Featuring graphics by local designers Sophia Kochinos, Cameron Tidy and Tami Fincher, the website perfectly captures the product.

As with any business concept, the Pretty Pins path has not been smooth sailing – difficulties with samples and language barriers are among the main obstacles faced in developing the product. However, the team remain “super excited about the prospects and grateful for the learning (they’ve) had along the way”.


For now, the Pretty Pins team’s simple hope is to make the lives of stocking-wearers everywhere that little bit easier.

Find out more about Pretty Pins on their website.


Emily Simpson

Emily is a fourth year Arts/Laws student at the Australian National University. When she’s not studying, which is most of the time, she’s hanging out with friends, drinking coffee, frequenting bakeries in the search for finger buns and vegemite scrolls, or playing sports. Gradually getting closer to the end of her five-year degree, Emily is still trying to figure out exactly what she wants to do ‘when she grows up’, with potential career paths in either law or something related to writing. For now, though, she’s enjoying soaking up the Canberra lifestyle! Emily also writes at www.food-fitness-fashion.com. More about the Author

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