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Roadtest: BroBrows

Drew Baker

 “She told me she was tinting my lashes and it would really make my eyes pop. OMG I can’t believe I just wrote that…”

Being married to Ms HerCanberra herself can make for an interesting life. I get to tag along to some great events as the plus one, a bit like WAGs on the red carpet, and she sometimes sends me to roadtest ‘bloke stuff’. This has sometimes led to me copping a bit of flak from my mates, including one who insists on having me listed in his phone as Mr HerCanberra, despite repeated attempts to restore my real name.

So when Amanda came up with the latest idea, a few alarms bells went off…

Amanda: Hey sweet, I’ve arranged for you to get your eyebrows done!

Me: Ah, no.

Amanda: It will be great, Sharon is “Australia’s brow queen“ – you’ll be in good hands.

Me: No. I like my eyebrows as they are. Don’t you like my eyebrows?

Amanda: Oh for goodness sake – she does Tom Cruise and Leonardo di Caprio – I’m pretty sure you’ll be fine.

Me: No means no. Isn’t that what you say to the kids when they keep asking for something? Why are there double standards in this house when it comes to me? What’s wrong with my eyebrows anyway?

(rant continues to no avail….)

A day or two later I realise I have no choice in the matter when a meeting request drops into my calendar with all of the booking details, which I promptly mark as private.

An eyebrow session has never been high up my list of priorities.

I mean no bloke wants to look like John Howard, but I’m only 41 so the uncontrolled eyebrow/nose/ear hair growth phenomena haven’t hit me yet.


Fast forward to the day of the appointment and I cautiously ask a colleague in the office to take a photo of my eyebrows so I have a before shot for comparative purposes. She asks what I am doing so I confide in her, which turns out to be a mistake as Tania (her real name) alternates between laughing openly at my predicament and telling me how much threading hurts. WTF is threading?

I arrive at the Hyatt and make my way to the suitably upmarket sounding Menzies Diplomatic Suite where I am met by Sharon Lee, who it turns out is quite lovely. I am an efficient kind of guy and was dreading a lengthy consult so was stoked when she got cracking immediately, telling me I had nice brows but they could do with some work.

The first surprise was when she told me she was tinting my lashes and it would really make my eyes pop.

OMG I can’t believe I just wrote that…

The tinting took 10 minutes and was painless. Then she got to work on my eyebrows, plucking them out with tweezers as she crafted a better brow. Good news – no threading (still not sure what that is) and no hot wax! After about five minutes of intense plucking (not entirely pleasant) she tinted my eyebrows with a bit of colour.

The whole process took 24 minutes, very efficient.

Drew's brows (and lashes!) before and after the BroBrows treatment.

Drew’s brows (and lashes!) before and after the BroBrows treatment.

So how do I feel about the results? Pretty damn good, thanks for asking! It is all a bit tidier looking and took less time than a normal haircut. I did have red marks above my eyebrows for a few hours from the plucking process, but that disappeared by mid-afternoon and I’d made sure I had no important meetings in case I was emotionally and aesthetically scarred by the process…

In the following few days I’ve snuck a quick look in the mirror each morning and am pretty happy with the result. Sharon says that most people get them done every 8-10 week and she has a loyal male client base in Canberra, most who see her when she visits on her quarterly tours. Did I mention she travels to NYC each year to work on New York Fashion Week? Turns out I’ve got myself some celebrity-quality brows now!

Back to reality, these words will be published soon, so I await the inevitable ribbing from the lads at the pub on Sunday after our weekly mountain biking session…. 

About BroBrows

We get the lowdown on the procedure from Sharon Lee herself…


Why introduce BroBrows?

Because there is such a big gap in the market when it comes to male brows. Too many are either over-done or managed with scissors. Both methods are a huge no-no. The method to groom a male brow is a mixture of tweezing only and working wholly within and above the brow line along with implementing our signature snap and tear technique which shortens long renegade hair strands but ensures the tips are not blunt. The result is a ‘tidy not tortured’ brow.

What’s the difference between methods for brow shaping in men and women?

For women we almost always wax and tweeze to create a very clean line, we also address colour either by darkening or lightening. We implement more arch and we focus as much on the lash as we do the brow so we have overall balance. For men it’s all about tweezing and NOT creating a clean line. We de-bulk from within and not reveal too much brow bone or add arch. The aim is a polished guy not a pretty guy.

Some guys (not mentioning any names) are afraid of it hurting. How do you manage that?

We offer topical anaesthetic cream for male clients as often their pain threshold is low. That said the process is quick and the first visit is always the hardest as more hair is being removed and ongoing maintenance is less of a concern as they know what to expect, they know the results (worth it) and there is less hair to tackle.

How much are we talking?

The complete BroBrow package retails for $280.

the essentials

What: Sharon Lee tours
Where: Diplomatic Suite, Hyatt Canberra
When: The next tour is 5 and 6 December 2016
Book: Call 1300769011 or email [email protected]

The author received his treatment free of charge for the purposes of this review; nevertheless, opinions are his own.


Drew Baker

Drew is a born and bred Canberran, and is still here despite a few attempts to escape over the years! He is an avid runner, loves to eat and drink, and has a quiet passion for supporting menswear retailers across Canberra and beyond. He is the other half of Amanda Whitley, the founder of HerCanberra. More about the Author

  • Barb Fisher

    GOLD! This is gold!

  • Cynthuja Pac

    Topical anaesthetic numbs the skin. Pulling the hair out from the follicle still hurts. Trust me, I’m a doctor.

  • Nicola Smith

    You are very brave Drew! And paving the way for other Bros.

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