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Women at Work: Megan Trimble

Elsie Adamo

There is no easier way to feel glamourous than when wearing a pair of statement sunglasses.

Such as a pair from Zanzan. For those in the know, Zanzan is an English eyewear brand which specialises in statement fashion sunglasses. They are incredibly popular, with celebrities such as Amal Clooney and Kate Bosworth spotted wearing them. But what devotees may not know is that Zanzan co-founder and current Creative Director Megan Trimble is originally a Canberra girl.

After graduating from Narrabundah College, Megan left for Sydney to study Photography. It was there that she met her future business partner Gareth Townshend and her love for eyewear started to develop.

“We both really love vintage eyewear,” Megan explains. “We used to buy a lot of sunglasses on eBay.”

Megan Trimble

Megan Trimble

Soon enough, they had amassed a large collection of vintage designs. “It came from passion – really just loving the product,” says Megan.

After graduation, Megan eventually ended up in London, saying that it was quite a natural progression to where she says she thought the real action would be.

“I’ve always wanted to do something creative and there are more opportunities in London for fashion and design,” she explains.

Zanzan's Apache sunglasses

Zanzan’s Apache sunglasses

Megan loved the European attitude of wearing sunglasses religiously and saw a gap in the market in London.

“It’s a real cultural thing in Europe. In Italy, every guy has a pair of Ray Bans or Persols. In Paris, you’ll be [on] the Left Bank and all the women there all have these amazing statement sunglasses.”

And so Zanzan was founded, with a focus on amazing design and detail, handmade in Italy for the UK market. Looking at their range, it’s easy to see why they are so popular. They’re all beautifully designed and Zanzan even custom mixes all the colours used in the sunglasses to make sure they’re truly unique in the market.

Zanzan Sunetra sunglasses

Zanzan Sunetra sunglasses

“We sometimes have customers coming and saying they’ve collected over 20 pairs,” says Megan. “They’re truly now a global brand, being stocked in over 20 countries.”

While Megan loves the design of sunglasses, she also loves the versatility of the product.

“They protect you from the sun, you can hide behind them, they can top off an outfit, and because you’re wearing them on your face it’s a real statement. It’s a fun product!”

“Sunglasses are becoming like handbags and shoes where you have one for every different outfit people are becoming more accustomed to matching sunglasses to outfits and so more a fashion accessory.”

Zanzan Mizaru sunglasses

Zanzan Mizaru sunglasses

As for her personal eyewear preference, Megan says that previously her sunglasses collection would have once been in the hundreds, nowadays after working in the industry Megan now only keeps around her essential favourites.

“It’s funny, now I work in the industry I tend to be quite natural whereas I used to wear crazy glasses, pairs like bright yellow hex-angles, now I keep more anonymous.”

Megan’s role in the company as Creative Director means she’s essentially “in charge of any creative output” and it keeps her pretty busy, considering this includes photo shoots, social media, design and whatever else may pop up day to day.

Of the celebrities that have been spotted in Zanzan, Megan downplays the significance but says the real kick is when someone she likes and respects sporting the brand.

Zanzan Ortolan sunglasses

Zanzan Ortolan sunglasses

“Alexa Chung has amazing style, and she’s also just a great girl. She speaks her mind, she’s an independent spirit, and that also embodies the Zanzan brand”.

While so many fashion brands now rely on celebrity endorsements and hype, Zanzan prefer to keep their branding and social media as authentic as possible. No celebrity is ever paid to wear their eyewear and they use their social media to enrich rather than advertise.

“[Instagram is] more about our process and inspiration from art and architecture, not just product placement,” Megan explains. “Kate [Bosworth] often wears them; we have a good relationship with her, she often comments on our Instagram and is very supportive.”

So what’s next for Zanzan? “Taking on America”, apparently.

Zanzan Apache sunglasses

Zanzan Apache sunglasses

The brand will also be introducing optical glasses for both men and women at the annual SILMO Paris eyewear show this year. But for now, Megan has been enjoying a family visit back in Canberra. You may have even caught her climbing up Red Hill every day.

“It’s so nice to be back in the nature in Australia, and the lack of people is actually great,” she says. Very understandable for someone who splits her time in between New York and London.

She’s also spent quality time at the National Gallery, which she says has one of the best collection of Indigenous art in the world and the Canberra Botanic Gardens which gave her a tour so good she says she almost considered quitting and going into conservation.

Let’s hope for our eyewear’s sake she stays right where she is.

You can purchase Zanzan glasses from one of their Australian stockists

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Elsie Adamo

Elsie originally hails from South Australia but after almost five years in the Capital likes to consider herself now as a local. A student at ANU she keeps herself busy on campus with student societies and now interning at HerCanberra. Her great loves include sitcoms, podcasts, bookstores, cider, brunch and online shopping. More about the Author

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