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Introducing: Tania Maras’ eponymous new label

Emily Simpson

Tania Maras was working 9-5 in the public service, but it was her 5-9 job that she was really passionate about…

Well, those hours are probably a little conservative — it was often between 5pm and 3am when Tania would work on her ‘side project’ of sewing and handcrafting accessories, which she sold via Etsy. From what was originally a hobby emerged Percy Handmade, an online wedding accessories boutique established in 2009. Eight years on, after success both locally and internationally, Tania’s business has undergone a transformation.

Introducing Tania Maras, the eponymous brand which still creates the bespoke designs characteristic of its predecessor, but with a greater sense of the designer behind it.

Image via website

Image via website

Tania says the brand revival has come mainly as a result of the rapidly changing wedding scene.

“Brides are increasingly opting for a wedding that is reminiscent of themselves and their partner rather than the traditions which they would otherwise be bound to follow.”

Brides want their wedding day to reflect their values, and the jewellery which they choose to wear can play a significant role in achieving this.

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 9.52.33 AM

VERSAILLES floral wedding headpiece by Tania Maras. Image via Instagram

The evolution in wedding trends is vastly evident in the types of accessories which brides have typically chosen over the course of Tania’s involvement in the industry. When Tania started out in 2009,  silver and crystal – both stalwarts of the wedding scene –  were still popular amongst brides. Now, according to Tania, golds are increasingly opted for – whether it be rose gold or yellow gold – perhaps to create a warmer aesthetic that complements the champagne and blush hues that are trending as an alternative to the traditional white.

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Image via Instagram

Brides are increasingly wanting to design their wedding ‘their own way’, and this is captured in Tania’s latest collection, the Heirloom Collection.

“Instead of carrying out traditional rituals and incorporating family heirlooms into their wedding day, brides are wanting to establish their own legacy.”

They want to start a new tradition, and investing in new, tailored accessories is a sure fire way of doing this.

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 10.07.00 AM

MARGUERITE veil. Image via Instagram

Tania’s involvement in the wedding accessory industry was accidental. While she has had a life-long love for design and handcrafting, sparked by seeing her mother sew at a very young age, Tania never intended to solely create wedding accessories. Rather, the many requests she was sent from brides who had seen her designs on Etsy were what sent her down the path of wedding accessory design. And the rest is history.

Her team has grown from one (herself) to six over eight years, and Tania services brides in both Canberra and overseas, including in the USA, UK and Canada, from her studio in Fyshwick.

While it wasn’t a conscious effort for Tania to pursue wedding accessory design, falling into the industry is something which many brides – past, present and future – would be immensely grateful for.

To see why, take a look at her stunning pieces at


Emily Simpson

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