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ACTIVE Day: Dance Cardio

Join Natasha Vujic for Dance Cardio – a fun, upbeat 45 minute workout!

Natasha is a certified Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer, and a graduate from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, with an Advanced Diploma in Dance.

She’s friendly, approachable and we can always rely on her Instagram feed to provide us with motivation, workouts and beautiful dance routines.

Natasha will be teaching Dance Cardio as part of ACTIVE Day. Her class will start with a warm up and some light stretching, followed by some of the basics, before we then go into a number of cardio tracks broken up with some dance conditioning in between.

Dance Cardio is for everyone of all fitness levels, no prior dance experience required. It’s a super fun way to workout, guaranteed to make you break a sweat and get you smiling while doing it!

Whether you want to join us for a whole ACTIVE Day, a few select sessions or just to dance with Natasha, you can get your tickets here.