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ACTIVE Day: hr. yoga

This is your hour. Be slow, be present, be here.

Charlie and Andrea Murray started here. to help you live in a more mindful way. They believe that when we are here. we are engaged and present in every moment of our lives and when we experience life through all of our senses it becomes more rich and meaningful.

There’s a different, slower way of living out there and here. want to help you discover it.

hr. yoga incorporates functional movement and mindful cues to achieve a moving mediation. This class, led by Shannon Leah is based on a vinyasa flow framework. You will seamlessly move through sequences that challenge your strength and flexibility. There is a focus on postural alignment and connection to breath, keeping you present throughout the class.

hr. yoga is for everyone. A range of progressions will be provided for each movement so that no matter your level of experience, you can let go and move your body in this energising practice.

This is your hour.

Whether you’re joining us for a whole ACTIVE Day, a few select sessions or just to be here., you can purchase your tickets online.