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ACTIVE Day: Kate Freeman Experiential Session/Healthy Snack Bar

Join Kate Freeman, HerCanberra’s resident Nutritionist and founder of The Healthy Eating Hub for a fully catered, healthy snack experience!

The Experiential Yoghurt Bar is a practical, hands-on learning seminar with Kate Freeman, presented in partnership with ALPHA Fresh Foods and Country Valley. It includes a presentation on the key principals of healthy snacking and how to nourish yourself with every bite! You will learn:

  • The key components of a healthy snack
  • Calorie counting vs whole foods
  • The common pitfalls of snacking
  • Techniques to help you feel fuller for longe

We learn better when we taste, touch, smell, see and listen. This session is about engaging all the senses and facilitates learning through an enjoyable and memorable time. Grab a friend, register together and learn healthy eating techniques over a delicious and nutritious dessert!

Whether you’re joining us for a whole ACTIVE Day, a few select sessions or just Kate’s healthy snack session, you can buy tickets here.