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Storm Boy by Colin Thiele

Colin Thiele’s Storm Boy is one of Australia’s best loved stories. Rare a childhood goes by without a bedtime reading of this homegrown classic. Its evocation of a far-away windy beach and bittersweet message about growing up has enthralled children and adults alike for decades.

The beloved classic has been adapted for the stage by Tom Holloway in a co-production by Sydney Theatre Company with Perth’s Barking Gecko Theatre Company. They have created an absolutely captivating stage adaptation that is a thoughtful meditation on love, kindness and our connections to the people and world around us. Tom Holloway’s writing honours the spare, unadorned style of the original, while John Sheedy’s sensitive direction brings the characters, whether human or pelican, springing to life.

A boy’s last childhood summer before beginning the long trek to adulthood is spent with his reclusive dad, Hideaway Tom. Storm Boy roams the savage landscape, navigating the waters and searching for debris and wildlife. Along the way he picks up some unlikely friends including the enigmatic Fingerbone Bill and a family of orphaned pelicans, including his favourite, Mr Percival.

Whether you are an adult keen to revisit childhood memories or want to introduce a new generation of children to the story, this is your chance to savour the wonder of this uniquely Australian classic. Strictly limited season June 3-6 at the Canberra Theatre Centre.

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