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Bob Geldof comes to Canberra!

Business Chicks have had hundreds of incredible people step onto their stage. But few leave an impression like Sir Bob Geldof. He will open your mind, lift you up and make you rethink your position in life. To be honest, you’ll leave feeling uncomfortable – but you know what they say about comfort zones …

Sir Bob is a masterful storyteller and provocative presenter and his message of personal responsibility will really push you. He is moody and mesmerising and much more than just a rock star: Bob has used his celebrity to stand for something and he continues to make it count.

As the brains behind initiatives such as Live Aid, Live 8 and Band Aid, Sir Bob has raised more than $500 million for on-the-ground relief work in Africa. Live 8 alone brought over $45 billion of aid and debt cancellation to Africa; he’s certainly made an impact. No stranger to controversy and the media spotlight, Sir Bob has overcome tragedy and heartbreak to become a global activist and voice for change.

It is no wonder that he’s been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize seven times – more than any other living person. This is your opportunity to hear greatness. You need to be a part of it.

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