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We all know it can sometimes be tricky to make friends in Canberra. Perhaps you’ve moved here and haven’t found someone you’ve clicked with; maybe you’ve moved on from a long time friendship that just doesn’t seem right anymore; or it could be that you’re in a different life stage than your current group of friends.

Whatever the reason, when we published Emma Grey’s article on feeling left out and invited to people to email us if they were interested in coming along to an event where they could meet new people, we were absolutely gobsmacked by the overwhelming and immediate response.

More recently, Tanya Hennessy’s article on spending her weekends alone went viral and saw a whole new crew of people joining our Click + Connect Facebook group.

So here’s the first ‘Click + Connect’ night for 2016…no, it’s not a Coles grocery ordering service; it’s a night where you can chat to some lovely HerCanberra readers and hopefully make some new besties! The lovely peeps at Guild – Canberra’s new board game restaurant – will be putting on some yummy eats, including nibbles, pizza and salad and one standard drink per person.

When you register, we’ll ask  you to answer a few questions about yourself. This is so that we can identify people who may have the same interests or aims as you and we can gently steer you in their direction on the night. There’ll also be plenty of team board game fun to break the ice! The HerCanberra Team will be around to facilitate introductions and make you as comfortable as possible.

We are so looking forward to our first Click + Connect night for 2016 – can’t wait to meet you!

Please note: this is a women’s only 18+ event.

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