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The Empowered Feminine Festival

The Empowered Feminine Fundraiser Festival is a first time ever event in Canberra. It aims at gathering women from all walks of life in order to support women feel more empowered in their life, body, mind and spirit. The organisers have lined up an amazing range of professional and versatile presenters for you to feel nurtured, inspired and uplifted.

The whole day is for women only; the evening celebration is for all. You can download the free festival booklet for details as well as enjoy some free inspiring interviews with presenters here: 

Happening Saturday 8 April 2017. This is a whole day event: 9.15 am till 9.15 pm or evening event only 7.15 pm till 9.15pm. Taking place at InSync Body Mind Life, 2a Barker street, Griffith ShopsContact

To reserve your spot, contact Nandini 0430 988 874 ; [email protected].

Find out more via the website here.