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Escape Ferocity

Escape Ferocity: techno to ease the ferocity of the mind 20 November 2015 10 pm – 4 am. Westside Acton Park (upstairs only)

Max Cooper is the first headliner for a new techno party series in Canberra.

The UK techno and electronicia wizard is currently touring with his ‘Emergence’ live audio and visual tour and is the perfect way to kick off Escape Ferocity.

The parties present quality, no bullshit techno and house. We want to build a quality techno culture in Canberra informed by European clubs and labels. Escape Ferocity is a new series of melodic and straight up techno in quality, late-night venues.

It is a platform for musicians to explore their darker side, allowing us to free our minds of the constant ferocity in us all: “Music was credited with the power of discharging the emotions, of purifying the soul, of easing the ferocity of the mind – precisely by means of rhythm. When the proper tension and harmony of the soul had been lost, one had to dance, following the singer’s beat: that was the prescription of this therapy.” (Nietzsche)

“People who haven’t heard techno properly, don’t understand it” says David Caffery, the guy who boosted Westside with his Art, Not Apart festival. “This is going to be a mature, boutique series of parties nothing like the trash of the city. It’s for people who appreciate quality dance music presented properly”. And it’s got incredible artwork to match. Rapidly emerging painter Tommy Balogh is representing the party series with his abstract art.

“Tommy is making some pieces specifically for this party. We’re really honoured to work with such a complimentary artist from a different discipline. The techno and back-lit paintings will shine together.” Says Matt Fletcher, who’s just spent 18 months in Berlin and is burning to put on the sort of parties he’s returned from.

The series starts with a very visual show: Max Cooper is playing his new ‘Emergence’ set and Canberra’s leading video artists (Jean-Phillip Demarais, John Carolan and more) are playing with top local techno DJs (Doppel, Club Junque, Gabe Gilmour). It’s a small venue to start.

“As the series grows, we plan to host parties in larger outdoor venues and are looking for decent indoor spaces. But the lack of venues in Canberra has made this series difficult.” David would know: he’s just submitted a Live Music Strategy to the ACT Government in his role for MusicACT.

The policy emphasises the lack of venues faced in the city and how this restricts the live music scene. “Upstairs Westside is okay – it’s got great views – but the capacity is very limiting. We wanted cheaper tickets but the costs of such a high-quality event means that, if we sell the full 200 tickets, we’ll just break-even. We’re doing this for the love of good music” says David.

“An uncompromising and individual musician, Max Cooper has carved out his own artistic space between the worlds of emotional dancefloor experimentation, fine-art sound design, and endlessly varied attempts to examine the scientific world through visuals. Resident Advisor top 20 live act 2013 and 2012. Resident Advisor top 100 DJ, 2011.” – resident advisor

“Music and visuals were perfectly synchronised thanks to the fact that Cooper has developed a performance system when he could control both music and audio live, deconstruct simultaneously and play around with the glitches. The music set was as variable as the visuals, changing style and atmosphere with every track, ranging from IDM and ambient to Cooper’s typical poppy techno using a wide sound palette.

“Besides others, the crowd was treated to ‘Chronology’, ‘Seething’ and other pieces from the Human album. The whole audiovisual show required a lot of concentration to catch all the meanings, absorb the visual parts and capture all the music and sounds, but it was worth it because of the admirable complexity and outstanding audiovisual presentation of deep concepts both formally and content-wise.” –

Max Cooper will also be playing a 2 hour ‘influences’ set in the garden of A Baker, New Acton. Melodies, sun and free Max Cooper. Supported by Logan Zingus. 5pm – 8pm. November 20.

The main ‘Emergence’ show starts at 10pm, 20 November. Max Cooper will be supported by a stellar local lineup including Doppel (live, Bassic Records), Club Junque and Gabe Gilmour (make it rain set).


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