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Fix and Make: Factory

A fully operational factory production line will be set up at Hotel Hotel. The textile-making factory will produce a pencil case. The assembly line will open up the various steps at different stages of production from pattern making, to cutting, sewing and labeling, to quality control, pressing and packaging. It highlights the multiple inputs of the production line process – where no one person is responsible for the item being made – and contrasts this to the designer maker’s process where one person is directly involved in each aspect of the making. Visitors are invited to join the workers from ANU at their individual stations and contribute to the production of the item being made.

The two sold-out workshops will take place in the Fix and Make Shed at Hotel Hotel on Saturday 21 May.

As part of a ground breaking collaboration, the second session of Factory will be accompanied by an ensemble from the Canberra Symphony Orchestra and is open to the general public as a drop in event from 2pm to 3pm (no booking is required).