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Fix and Make: Repair. Remake. Swap.

Clothing waste is a big problem, in part created by fast fashion and in part by our conditioning to ignore the vast numbers of items forgotten in our wardrobes, drawers, lofts, basements, gym bags… and to keep on buying.

This event is a meeting place for our loved yet neglected clothing to be repaired, re-imagined, remade or swapped. Bring a pre-loved item and expertise and materials are on hand to ensure you leave with a piece that you can love again.

You can…

Repair – darn over a moth hole, make a feature out of a repair (like a button hole), use traditional ‘by hand’ techniques that actually add to the garment through repair. Led by Valerie Kirk.

Remake – reimagine and redefine a piece, transforming it into something different and completely original. Led by Jacoba.

Swap – trade an old piece for a new piece. Led by Nina Gbor.

There will be three sessions throughout the day, so see website for details: