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Support clinics in Myanmar

Canberra locals Jack Collins and Ella Hunt have been collaborating with Myanmar Entrepreneur, Doctor Htein Win to expand the donor base of charity clinics in Yangon, Myanmar.

Following the recent landmark democratic elections in Myanmar there is growing optimism for public services in the country including health care. Dr.Htein Win founded five free-of-charge charity clinics funded through donation revenue two years ago to realise his vision for more efficient health care.

Since 2014, the clinics have treated over 10,000 patients and are significant sources for vaccinations, antenatal care and Diabetes care in parts of Yangon with deep underperformance in those health outcomes.

In 2014, with limited options for donations in the region, Dr.Htein reached out through his connections with Australian Universities. Dr.Htein eventually came into contact with then-business student Jack Collins and others who agreed to help design a donations system which would allow donors from Australia to transfer money to the charity.

With the system up and running, Canberra locals Jack Collins and Ella Hunt are organising a live music event to fundraise for the charity. Popular local bands, Brother Be and Guyy and Fox will be playing, among others. The intention is to find broader sources of donations income and to set a precedent for a system for gathering donations from all over the world so the clinics can stay financially stable for the future.


On November 26 at 7pm at the White Eagle Polish Club in Turner. 


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