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Five summer salads to start the New Year right

Ate your own body weight in Christmas ham and now considering buying full-body spanx...

Chrissy Dupé

Cocktail Hour

Fresh and fruity, cocktails are the perfect match for a Canberra summer. We asked...

Belinda Neame

Transform your Christmas leftovers: Part III

It’s time to lift your game and prepare to turn what’s left of the Christmas...

Chrissy Dupé

Transform your Christmas leftovers: Part II

Daydreaming about what you stuffed into your face for Christmas lunch? Me too. But now...

Chrissy Dupé

How to turn your Christmas leftovers into mouth-watering meals

Happy Boxing Day! Welcome to the national holiday of sitting on the couch, watching...

Chrissy Dupé

Recipe: Christmas Jam Cookies

A simple gingerbread christmas cookie, stuffed with jam and cut into festival shapes. Perfect...

Anisa Sabet

Christmas Giving: The Handmade Foodie Way

I love traditions; it’s what really defines Christmas for me. Whether it be a...

Belinda Neame

Canberra Chefs Do Christmas: Lola and Lola

At HerCanberra, we love supporting local – including (and especially!) Canberra’s many bars, restaurants,...

HerCanberra Team

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