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Seven healthy party foods for kids

Kids parties are usually synonymous with junk-food. Fairy bread, party pies, chocolate, chips with nary a vegetable in sight. Now, hold up a minute before you start calling us party poopers. It’s well-accepted that food high in sugar or fat shouldn’t be used to ‘treat’ kids, and by encouraging them to eat fresh, nutritious food—even […]

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Three summer brunch recipes to beat the back to work blues

It’s always painful heading back to work after the Christmas break. And after a full working week, the last thing you want to have to worry about is having to be somewhere on Saturday morning. After all the Christmas and New Year’s parties, a few lazy weekends are just what the doctor ordered – the kind where […]

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Six hangover foods you can eat today

With so many amazing new bars opening around Canberra, chances are you’ll be having a few dusty mornings sometime soon. So we’ve rounded up six hangover foods you can eat to heal your head. Yep, go out and get one of these babies and feel alive again. THE DIRTY BIRD We all know KFC as […]

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Bottoms up! DIY summer cocktails

Starting to get a little sick of wine? Me neither. But summer’s here to stay, so it’s probably time to mix it up a bit. That’s right friends – it’s time to dust off the hard liquor, bust out your favourite Hawaiian shirt and get your best Tom Cruise impersonation ready. It’s cocktail time. Embarrassingly, my first experience with something […]

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Transform your Christmas leftovers: Part III

It’s time to lift your game and prepare to turn what’s left of the Christmas aftermath into drool-worthy dishes that’ll keep that festive smile on your dial for a little longer. Did you miss the last two instalments? Find out how to transform leftover turkey, salmon, stone fruit and roast veggies into delicious dishes with Part One […]

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Five summer salads to start the New Year right

Ate your own body weight in Christmas ham and now considering buying full-body spanx and a caftan? I hear ya. And really, why should we stop now? I mean, it would be so easy to just keep on gorging all summer long. But c’mon! We’re better than that. So before you pop over to Costco to […]

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Transform your Christmas leftovers: Part II

Daydreaming about what you stuffed into your face for Christmas lunch? Me too. But now you’ve emerged from your food coma only to discover you’re somehow starving again and the thought of eating cold food straight from the fridge makes you want to gag. It’s time to lift your leftovers game and decide what in the name of […]

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How to turn your Christmas leftovers into mouth-watering meals

Happy Boxing Day! Welcome to the national holiday of sitting on the couch, watching the cricket, dialling up the aircon and looking blankly into the fridge. Christmas lunch is lots of fun to plan (we hope yours was!) but it can turn into an expensive exercise if you’re feeding a lot of people, amirite? So today, […]

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The Side Project: Delicious dining sans frontiers

Modern dining is constantly being disrupted, from the advent of street food and share plates to Canberra’s newest foodie experience – a restaurant without a restaurant.  David Young’s career started in some of Sydney’s most prolific establishments, but it’s his newest creation (or should we say, project?) that’s really breaking down barriers. The Side Project […]

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Canberra’s best Egg and Bacon Rolls

The egg and bacon roll (E&BR) is the dark horse on the breakfast menu. Here are Canberra’s best, as rated by the Egg and Bacon Roll Appreciation Society (E&BRAS). Easily overlooked and often underrated, with an unassuming ingredient list and (perceived) lack of innovation, this breakfast beauty is often the culinary underdog. The quintessential “Tradie’s […]

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