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Egg in a hole potato rosti with maple bacon

I’ve been keeping things simple lately. I mean, why overcomplicate life when the best things are usually the simplest? And this latest little recipe is no exception. You all know I love me some bacon and eggs (ok a lot of bacon, and more than a few eggs). I’m also quite partial to a crispy potato rosti. When I […]

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Sriracha fried chicken waffle cones

That intense-looking kid with the Hypercolour jumpsuit and fierce bowl cut hanging around the food table at birthday parties… Yep, that was me. Smashing chips into the top of cupcakes. Making the world’s best sandwich by squishing a mini sausage roll and a handful of Cheetos between two pieces of fairy bread. Ever since I was a […]

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Two-course Autumn brunch: Breakfast tart and mini carrot cakes

The weather (and the leaves) have turned, and it’s about this time of year when I start to crave those warm, delicious comfort foods. Well… even more than usual. As you guys know, I’m hardly a traditionalist when it comes to what’s appropriate to eat in the A.M. I think that’s why I love brunch so […]

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AKIBA Australia’s Favourite Restaurant

AKIBA tonight took home the Australian Financial Review Top Restaurants People’s Choice Award for 2016 — the first time this award has been won by a Canberra restaurant. Monster kitchen + bar has also been recognised, taking out the title of the ACT’s Best Restaurant. “Our aim with AKIBA is to change the way people experience dining […]

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Boozy ice cream cookie sandwiches

Are they rum and raisin? Brandy? Amaretto? I hear you ask. Errrm no actually, I was just drunk when I made them. It was one of those Saturdays that started off productively. Folding towels, sweeping the floor, arranging the cushions (then re-arranging them cause someone put their bum on them and squashed them into the back of the couch again). […]

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The Truth About Sugar

Are you confused about the sugar in your food? With all the sugar documentaries, marketing messages, blogs, health claims and other information we’re bombarded with day to day, it can all get a bit much. When it comes to deciding what to feed ourselves and our children, it’s vital to have a clear understanding of […]

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Wild mushroom, fontina and caramelised shallot polenta bites

Polenta is kind of a soggy yawnfest, right? Uhhhh, nope. Not when you shape it into bite-sized discs, bake those discs, then cover them in golden melty cheese and shove them into your hungry little face. These wild mushroom fontina and caramelised shallot polenta bites are the perfect autumn party starter. And frankly, their cheese to base […]

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The ‘Sweet’ Life: Taking The Sugar Swap Challenge

There’s been a lot of talk about sugar lately, and for good reason—eating too much sugar is linked to tooth decay, body fat, heart disease, cancer and type 2 diabetes. I grew up on a diet of sugar. We had sugary cereals for breakfast every day—the equivalent of 21 sugar cubes a week, or 84 […]

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Ian (right) in the kitchen. Photography by Martin Ollman

15+ New Places To Eat

Get out your stretchy pants. We’ve got some serious eating to do. We’ve updated our list of 13 new places with a few more that have opened their doors in recent weeks. Catch up here… Bar Rochford A cracking wine list and food influenced by European, Spain and Modern Australia—Bar Rochford looks set to be the new […]

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Chocolate and salted caramel baby bundt cakes

I don’t know about you, but put me near a wheel of cheese, a plate of crackers and a bowl of chips and you’d better send someone down to the shop for more supplies. Same goes for dumplings. As many of you know (and some of you have witnessed), my current record stands at 30 in […]

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