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Pulp Kitchen’s second coming

Welcome back Pulp Kitchen! You’ve been missed. And now that we can have a good look at you, we see you have had some subtle work done. You look fresher and more beautiful than before. But you are still a familiar face. And that is reassuring when you are a favourite haunt—and maybe a lesson […]

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A-Z of Canberra deals

In the mood for a night out but don’t want to break the bank? We’ve got your back, no matter what type of food you like or where you live. Beach Burrito The Beach Burrito Company includes all day specials with $3 tacos along with their famous burritos Monday to Friday at just $10. Deals end […]

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Mr Papa's Tacu Chaufa Nikkei-Style fried rice and beans pancake, Pork Belly Kakuni, Salsa Criolla and yellow chilli.

A Wedding Feast (without the boring bits)

Everyone loves weddings. They’re a chance to get together with friends and family, share in the happiest of occasions, dance and laugh, and (best of all) eat all the food. At HerCanberra’s upcoming bridal event—UNVEILED: The Event—you get to enjoy all the best bits of a wedding (friends, food and live entertainment) without the speeches and […]

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Review: Ricardo’s Winter Menu

Winter and comfort food go together like Canberrans and indoor heating. Or perhaps that should be, ‘go together like hot soup and crusty bread’. Nothing is better than something deliciously warming on a Canberra winter’s day, but ‘comfort food’ can sometimes come with an unwelcome heaviness in the belly. Solving this conundrum was what motivated […]

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Review: Tipsy Bull

What kind of place do you look for when you plan a night out? When I was younger, it would be somewhere inexpensive to eat, close to or even in the same place we could go to dance and drink afterwards until the wee hours. Comfort wasn’t an issue, nor was noise. Now I’m older […]

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Modern Classics: Seventies recipes reinvented, part II

Before Instagram and the rise of the food stylist, recipe books were utilitarian items.  Dog-eared and food-smeared, inside their worn covers lay culinary gems passed down from generation to generation. Belinda Neame takes inspiration from our mothers’ kitchens, reinventing four of yesterday’s classics for today’s table. 1970s Prawn Cocktail to 2017 Prawn cocktail salad INGREDIENTS […]

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View Canberra In Cake

Yep, you read that right. CANBERRA IN CAKE. Constable Kenny Koala, the Belconnen Owl, Telstra Tower, Floriade, Summernats, the Australian War Memorial and hot air balloons are some of the PANDSI Cake Off Canberra themed cakes which will be on display in the Hyatt Hotel Ballroom on 13 May 2017 – the day before Mother’s Day. PANDSI (post and antenatal depression, […]

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Pop Chinese comes to Canberra

We all know what it’s like to have an unshakable craving for Chinese food. Once it’s in your head, it won’t leave you until your tastebuds receive that delicious noodle or spring roll hit. Well, crave no more, because there is a new joint in town offering up classic Chinese cuisine… with a modern Australian […]

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First look: Sanya Bar

Canberra’s food scene has matured a lot over the past few years. But is it ready for a different take on Chinese food? This was the question JJ Chen asked herself before deciding to open Sanya Bar, Lonsdale Street’s newest resident. Like many of us, JJ was a public servant for a number of years. […]

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ANZAC Day Post-Dawn Service Café Guide

Warm up after the ANZAC Day Dawn Service with some breakfast favourites. There’s nothing worse than trying to herd your whole family or friendship group around on a chilly ANZAC Day morning just to find some hot food and drinks, especially if small children are involved. Here’s your guide to who’s looking forward to serving […]

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