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How to Celebrate Chinese and Lunar New Year 2017

Just when you thought all your holiday celebrations were over! Canberra is offering up some great events for Chinese (or Lunar) New Year to celebrate 2017, the year of the Fire Rooster. Unfortunately for a Rooster such as myself, any year with your animal is unlucky (sorry about that fellow roosters). But for the rest […]

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Out For A Duck with Blood and Bones

Skin. Heart. Neck. Not the first parts of a duck you might think about serving for lunch, but the chaps from new Canberra food company Blood and Bones think otherwise – and they’re not wrong. At their inaugural event, a long lunch held at Bar Rochford last week, all of the above was served and […]

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Oysters six ways

Six delicious ways to enjoy oysters this summer! What you need Mixing bowl Serving plate Ingredients Lemon Derrr… um a lemon, cut into quarters (sorry this isn’t really a  recipe but this is my favourite way to enjoy fresh oysters!) Method: Drizzle a dash of lemon juice on each oyster, eat immediately. Try a dash of sriracha […]

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What we’ll be eating at Tastes of Rutherglen 2017

We’ve already waxed lyrical about the charms of Rutherglen, a four-hour drive southwest, just half an hour from Albury. We don’t need to remind you about the historical main street with its 1800s architecture or the proliferation of wineries that spread from the heart of the town. We don’t need to refresh your memory of […]

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Announcing Canberra’s New Official Winemaker

“If Canberra was a wine, what would it be called?” Local Liquor and Nick O’Leary Wines asked the question, and Bernie Yates answered. ‘Walt ‘n’ Marion’ was Bernie’s winning entry to the Official Canberra Day Wine competition. Bernie looked to Marion and Walter Burley Griffin, the architects of our city, for inspiration. “Being a wine […]

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The beautiful Pod Food.

If you book it, will you turn up?

There is a hidden but very real cost to our hospitality industry when bookings turn to no-shows. Have you ever been guilty of reserving a table at a restaurant only to get cold feet/distracted/a table somewhere else, and never letting them know you don’t plan to show up? Or the work function booking for 20 […]

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Carrot and Whiskey Soaked Raisin Tea Cakes

Carrot and whiskey + raisins, a match made in heaven! Moist carrot cake tea cakes kissed with spices, raw sugar and dotted with whiskey-soaked raisins. Each mouthful has the nice rich flavour of raisin and whiskey, which you are going to love! Don’t forget to hashtag #cookwiththemacadames when making Anisa’s recipes. What you need 12 hole muffin tray or mini cheesecake tin (i used […]

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Eight new places to eat

It’s that magical time of the year when we discover a new batch of eateries.  Christmas is old news. After a quiet summer where finding something open became almost a competitive sport, now’s time to hunt down these new places to eat. Milk Crate (Marcus Clarke Street) Chilled vibes and quality coffee make Milk Crate café the […]

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Three summer brunch recipes to beat the back to work blues

It’s always painful heading back to work after the Christmas break. And after a full working week, the last thing you want to have to worry about is having to be somewhere on Saturday morning. After all the Christmas and New Year’s parties, a few lazy weekends are just what the doctor ordered – the kind where […]

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Where to find your Canberra coffee

Feeling a bit jittery? Snappy perhaps? It’s OK, we get it. For those of us returning to the work treadmill this week, insult has been added to injury because of a distinct scarcity of coffee. Our favourite cafes may have not reopened after the Christmas break, and our routines are all amok. Because we understand, […]

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