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Kokomo’s serving up tropical treats (and Boy George)

Kokomo’s is ambitious. From its size (it can hold up to 450) to its theme of bringing the tropics to Canberra – this place can’t be categorised as a restaurant, bar or club. It’s a mix of all three. And this week’s announcement that the Harrington brothers have managed to secure eighties icon and The […]

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Pulp Kitchen’s second coming

Welcome back Pulp Kitchen! You’ve been missed. And now that we can have a good look at you, we see you have had some subtle work done. You look fresher and more beautiful than before. But you are still a familiar face. And that is reassuring when you are a favourite haunt—and maybe a lesson […]

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Where too much food is never enough

Hunger pangs are usually part of shopping experience at the Fyshwick Fresh Food Markets. After all, you’re surrounded by food, picking up food, smelling food and thinking about how you will cook the food once you get it home. So, it’s not a sign of weakness to temporarily suspend the market process to sit down […]

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A Canberra walk soaked in French flavour

What could be more enjoyable than ambling around Lake Burley Griffin in the autumn sunshine? How about ambling around the lake in the autumn sunshine and stopping to eat four courses of gourmet French food matched with local wines along the way? “Oui oui!” We hear you cry. The Gourmet Walk in Canberra will be […]

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The season for simple steak

What’s the best way to serve steak? Under a pile of butter… As the temperatures start their downward climb, it’s natural to want to move from summer salad eating to something a little more hearty. The Fyshwick Fresh Food Markets have four butcher shops to find the best cut of meat for this recipe. Steak […]

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Seeing seafood in seven courses

There’s a Japanese proverb “Even the head of a sardine can become holy with devotion.” But fear not. When the Chairman Group roll out their Seafood Festival over autumn, there will be plenty more to devote yourself to than sardine heads alone… For instance, how does a succulent slab of chargrilled lobster resting on a […]

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Old-fashioned butcher shops drawing a crowd

If you are looking for meat, Fyshwick Markets house five speciality butchers – all within rissole-throwing distance of eachother. At a time when the humble suburban butcher shop is being crowded out by the meat sections of vast supermarket chains, there is something reassuring about choosing some bespoke sausages at the Fyshwick Fresh Food Markets. […]

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New tropical paradise about to bloom in the city

Are you busting to know what will rise out of the rubble and construction site where the old Tongue and Groove used to be? The biggest hint has been right in front of you all this time. We can lift the lid on it the newest and most exciting development on Canberra’s food and drink […]

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The Sugar Deli: desserts online

Do you remember the fairy tale of Rapunzel? Not the Disney version, but the Brothers Grimm tale, which begins when a pregnant woman gets a craving for salad, and her husband sneaks into the nearby garden of a witch to fetch fresh leaves for her. Well, our version of the story a little different. The […]

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Plum and Cherry Upside Down Cake. Yes please!

Fyshwicks Fresh Food Markets is the place for the best stoned fruit – cherries and plums included. And then you cook this! Plum and Cherry Upside Down Cake Serves 10, preparation time 45 minutes, cooking time one hour approximately. This is a delicious and versatile cake and you can substitute the plums and cherries for any […]

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