Burbury High Tea 2017 Masthead

Pâtissez placed into liquidation

It was the Freak Shake that launched a million copycats, and now Pâtissez Pty Ltd has gone into liquidation. As per the ASIC website, a general meeting of the members of the Company held on 01 November 2017  resolved that the Company be wound up and that Gregory Stuart Andrews & Andrew Juzva be appointed liquidator(s). Pâtissez was […]

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Molly is leaving the building.

In the times of prohibition, speakeasies frequently popped up and vanished, only to pop up again somewhere else. And we’re hoping Canberra’s Molly does the same. Yes, it’s true, Molly is leaving the building. It is possible that when it closes later this month, the legendary underground bar may still have some latecomers wandering around […]

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First export of Canberra’s wine and produce to Singapore

When the 11.30pm Singapore Airlines flight leaves tonight, on board for the first time will be a selection of Canberra’s finest olive oil, smokehouse produce and wine. Australian Capital Region Produce is exporting the first air cargo of perishables direct to Singapore on Singapore Airlines SQ 292 flight on Wednesday 9 August. Singapore businesses can […]

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Braddon’s latest foodie catch

Something fishy is going on in Lonsdale Street, Braddon. And we have trawled our contacts and cast out our nets in order to hook you a scoop. OK, enough with the fishing analogies. Yes, it’s a fish and chip shop. That much was obvious from the hoardings outside. But this new venture – the brainchild […]

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Ube Halaya Cake feature

First look: Lolo and Lola Filipino Eatery

The wait is almost over. That’s right—Lolo and Lola is almost ready to open in its new digs in Watson! For those of you unfamiliar with Lolo and Lola, it began as a Filipino bakery stall at Westside Village in July 2015 before expanding to savoury food and a shipping container (still in Westside) in January […]

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Recipe: Truffle pasta with truffle eggs and extra cheese!

Fancy an easy pasta dish that takes full advantage of Canberra’s fresh truffles now being in season? Try this Truffle Egg Carbonara recipe from the Fyshwick Fresh Food Markets. Three stores at the Fyshwick Markets stock the fresh local truffles including Wiffens, Mart Deli and Deli Planet. They are all supplied by The Truffle Farm […]

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Samson running through oak forest_LeanTimms

Time to stop and smell the truffles

Have you seen them yet? Small, dark unassuming little balls of just about the most mysterious culinary magic there is. Yes, truffles. Last week the Fyshwick Fresh Food Markets stocked its first batch for the season. It sold out within hours. This week they are back – supplied fresh from the soil by The Truffle […]

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Built on Biltong

Petrol station food. It’s the worst. We’ve all been there, on a long drive with nothing but petrol stations and 7/11’s between you and your destination. Then, you need a snack. You want a healthy snack, because roadtrippin’ is no excuse for poor dietary choices. But having assessed the shelves, the best option appears to […]

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Kokomo’s serving up tropical treats

Kokomo’s is ambitious. From its size (it can hold up to 450) to its theme of bringing the tropics to Canberra – this place can’t be categorised as a restaurant, bar or club. It’s a mix of all three. And the recent announcement that the Harrington brothers have managed to secure eighties icon and The […]

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Pulp kitchen

Pulp Kitchen’s second coming

Welcome back Pulp Kitchen! You’ve been missed. And now that we can have a good look at you, we see you have had some subtle work done. You look fresher and more beautiful than before. But you are still a familiar face. And that is reassuring when you are a favourite haunt—and maybe a lesson […]

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