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First Look: Zeus Street Greek

A feast fit for the gods. I had the pleasure of snagging a table for the very first lunch service at Zeus Street Greek and let me tell you Canberra, you won’t be disappointed. The flagship Canberra store is conveniently situated on Genge Street in the city and is a welcome addition to the growing […]

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New tropical paradise about to bloom in the city

Are you busting to know what will rise out of the rubble and construction site where the old Tongue and Groove used to be? The biggest hint has been right in front of you all this time. We can lift the lid on it the newest and most exciting development on Canberra’s food and drink […]

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Toto, we’re not in Canberra anymore

With apologies to the Wizard of Oz, sometimes we crave something other than the comforts of home. But you don’t need to leave the territory to immerse yourself in another culture. Here are four places where destination is a state of mind… Escape To…AFRICA From the moment you step inside the soaring foyer of Jamala Wildlife […]

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Out For A Duck with Blood and Bones

Skin. Heart. Neck. Not the first parts of a duck you might think about serving for lunch, but the chaps from new Canberra food company Blood and Bones think otherwise – and they’re not wrong. At their inaugural event, a long lunch held at Bar Rochford last week, all of the above was served and […]

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Photo: Tim Bean Photography

Where to eat on the South Coast this summer

In Canberra the sun is shining, the breeze is mild and the streets are empty.  So where is everyone? Invading the South Coast of course! As someone whose family has had a little shack on the coast for many years, here are some of my favourite places to travel for the best breakfast, fish and […]

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Six hangover foods you can eat today

With so many amazing new bars opening around Canberra, chances are you’ll be having a few dusty mornings sometime soon. So we’ve rounded up six hangover foods you can eat to heal your head. Yep, go out and get one of these babies and feel alive again. THE DIRTY BIRD We all know KFC as […]

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Where to eat over the holidays in Canberra

WE’VE ALL HAD THAT TIME WHEN WE WANDERED AROUND FOR 40 MINUTES IN THE SUMMER HEAT IN SEARCH OF A DECENT COFFEE OR BRUNCH AROUND CHRISTMAS. If you want to show off Canberra’s cafés to visiting family and friends or just need a break from cooking at home, we’ve got you covered with all the places to […]

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Flavours of India: Spicing up an old favourite

A 126-year-old carved wooden door, all the way from India, is not what you’d expect to find at a suburban shopping centre. But that’s exactly what diners at Westfield Woden step through as they enter Flavours of India in the Corinna Street dining precinct. Recently undergoing renovations, the doors aren’t the only conversation starter: a […]

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Bentspoke’s breezy summer beers

Summer is now well and truly upon us, and these 30 degree days are starting to take a toll. For a person who spends upwards of 50 hours a week inside an air-conditioned shopping centre, the outside heat can be a little overwhelming for me. So, come Sunday afternoon, after a long day of cafe […]

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Bao Down: Bao Stop returns to Canberra

It started with a mouthful. On a trip to the US, Matty Forwood stumbled across the little parcels that changed his life. It was saucy, tangy and totally delicious. Matty had discovered bao. Originating in Taiwan and China as a street food, gua bao is traditionally made with a filling of meat topped with fresh […]

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