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That Offspring Episode

A friend sent me a text last night to tell me to watch Offspring....

Rose Crane

Marriage equality or Human Rights?

Historically, women have always been disadvantaged by the institution of marriage. I can attest...

Philippa Moss

Why these might be Canberra’s most important houses

Like many of my Millenial peers, I worry about getting my foot on the...

Beatrice Smith

The Funding Network: Grassroots growth

We’re sure you’re already a fan of investment pitch program Shark Tank. You know,...

Elizabeth Harris

9 ways to treat yourself that aren’t food or shopping

It’s no secret that it’s important to have goals, especially when it comes to...

Emily Simpson

The Law and You: Domestic violence cross-examination

In Family and Domestic Violence Courts across Australia, hundreds of women who have survived...

Watts McCray Lawyers

20 years of changing Canberra’s vision

In July 1997, almost exactly 20 years ago, Wendy Holland assisted the first eye...

HerCanberra Team

Out with the old

“Letting go of ‘the old’ — not just physically but emotionally and mentally — helps us...

Emma Grey

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