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What to do these winter school holidays

It’s almost July. That means that cloudy mornings and chilly weather are going to...

HerCanberra Team

How ‘A Slow Childhood’ made housework fun

Helen Hayward’s philosophy on family has completely changed my life, and in ways I...

Charlotte Harper

Poems from Parenthood: Ode to Droplets Yellow

space Across the seat, and on the wall, Wheresoever droplets fall, These teeny, tiny...

Catherine Prosser

Tara’s fight against ‘cansa’

“Hi, I’m Tara. I love to read and I love to do science, physics...

Beatrice Smith

Head for the Hill(tops)

It’s vintage charm meets the best of modern life.  Less than a two-hour drive...

Belinda Neame

10 Ways to Add Flavour Without Excess Calories

If you’re serious about learning how to eat well and lose weight then it’s...

Kate Freeman

A period to celebrate

How was your first period? Was it a celebrated by your mother and aunties?...

Patricia Falcetta

What you need to know about the ACT’s 2017-18 Budget

There were no big surprises in Tuesday’s Budget as the ACT Labor Government ploughed...

Emma Macdonald

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