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International Day of the Elimination of Violence Against Women

Trigger warning: Discussion of domestic violence and sexual assault. Today, Saturday 25 November is...

HerCanberra Team

Affordable Christmas catch ups

The festive season can sometimes cost an arm and a leg. With work functions...

Madeleine Porter

Sustainable Life: Home-made pesto

Intense flavour and fresh, green goodness.   There’s so much to love about home-made pesto. It’s...

Mia Swainson

Any body can float

There is great comfort in the habitual activity of everyday life, but every now and then,...

Philippa Moss

Monday Moment: Thank you for the music

My old piano teacher died last week. I began piano lessons with Miss Thompson...

Emma Grey

When (Somewhat) Done is Better Than Perfect

While we spent the last 320 days perfecting Snapchat filters and figuring out exactly...

Sarah Bown

Summer skin + beauty 101

Summer is coming and now is the time to put those finishing hydrating touches...

Debby Harrington

Digital Revolution: from grassroots to government

In this age of digital disruption, from little things big things grow. With an...

HerCanberra Team

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