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The Law and You

Why you should know what the word Penda means

Earlier this week in Parliament House, an innovative new phone app was launched in...

Emma Macdonald

The Law and You: Domestic violence cross-examination

In Family and Domestic Violence Courts across Australia, hundreds of women who have survived...

Watts McCray Lawyers

Understanding Law: Making an Enduring Power of Attorney

We like to think that we’re the architects of our own destinies. However, the...

Emily Bowler

The Law and You: Bankruptcy and property settlement

What happens with debts in a family law property settlement? What happens if your...

Watts McCray Lawyers

The Law and You: Leaving your children unsupervised

Do children have to be a certain age before parents can leave them home...

Watts McCray Lawyers

The Law and You: Changing a child’s name

What happens when a parent wants to change their child’s surname? This is not...

Watts McCray Lawyers

The Law And You: Mobile phone recordings and family law

What you need to know. Gone are the days when telephones were large hand-held...

Watts McCray Lawyers

The Law And You: Disputes over the best school for your child

If you and your ex-partner can’t agree on where and how your child is...

Watts McCray Lawyers

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