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The Law And You: Mobile phone recordings and family law

What you need to know. Gone are the days when telephones were large hand-held...

Watts McCray Lawyers

The Law And You: Disputes over the best school for your child

If you and your ex-partner can’t agree on where and how your child is...

Watts McCray Lawyers

The Law and You: Social media during Christmas holidays

Social media, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, are fabulous ways for separated families to...

Watts McCray Lawyers

Understanding Law: DUI and the holiday season

So often, people assume that drink driving is an offence limited to young and...

Emily Bowler

The Law and You: Three ways to reach a property settlement out of Court

If you know a family lawyer or anyone recently involved in family law litigation,...

Watts McCray Lawyers

The Law and You: Am I in a de facto relationship?

For many couples, marriage is no longer the be-all-end-all. Some couples have been dating...

Watts McCray Lawyers

The Law and You: Deciding on where your child goes to school

You might have separated from your partner, but if you have children together you’ll...

Watts McCray Lawyers

The Law and You: Acting rationally with high emotions

Acting rationally. When you’re going through a highly emotionally charged separation from your spouse...

Watts McCray Lawyers

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