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boygirlco's Osprey Table, using recycled pallets.

Sustainability is the new black

Every business wants to grow through ideas that don’t cost the Earth. Ideas that save time and money. Ideas that help businesses work smarter. But where do you start? How do you focus? One way is by attending Canberra’s biggest sustainability expo, packed with keynote speakers, informative seminars, interactive workshops, exhibits and more. Happening on Thursday 7 […]

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Four champions of workplace flexibility show how it can be achieved

We are often reading in the media how mothers are the greatest untapped resource in an employment market straining under the impact of a rapidly ageing workforce.  The OECD has stated that Australia’s economy would experience a significant boost (up to 20%) if we can find ways and means to engage parents with meaningful, flexible […]

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How we pitched job-share and won

I can’t count how many times I have heard women say: ‘I only work part time’ apologetically. One year ago today I started (along with my colleague) something that was seen as ground breaking. I started a new role. Ground breaking? No, wait for the ground breaking part; I started (with my colleague Nic) in […]

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The Funding Network: Grassroots growth

We’re sure you’re already a fan of investment pitch program Shark Tank. You know, the show where brave individuals pitch to millionaire entrepreneurs who may choose to invest in their venture? Well, The Funding Network is pretty much Canberra grass-roots equivalent of Shark Tank, but with nicer sharks and pledges of support rather than investments. The […]

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Five steps to the perfect corporate gift

Corporate gifts are a reflection on your business; no one is going to be impressed with a standard ho-hum present. With only 143 days until Christmas, it’s time to start shopping! Follow these five steps to make sure your business is perfectly represented. Keep it local Nothing say’s ‘we care about where we do business’ […]

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A gender peace, not a gender war

Grattan Institute estimates that a 6% increase in women’s workforce participation could increase the national GDP by $25 billion. The United Nation’s definition of gender equality[1] refers to the equal rights, responsibilities and opportunities of women and men and girls and boys. It is important to recognise that the same rights, responsibilities and opportunities should […]

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A Network of Possibilities

Many women seek opportunities to enlighten and broaden their career path. Some choose professional development, some choose philanthropy and some choose to nourish their inner life through personal development. Many do not seek traditional ways of achieving these goals and prefer instead to pursue projects that align closely with their personal values. Executive career coach […]

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Dream Jobs: Hayley O’Neill

“WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU GROW UP?” When we’re young, many of us fantasise about being musicians or making movies; as we get older we may dream of being paid to review fine food, or working in magazines. But what’s the reality of these ‘Dream Jobs’? Just three years ago Hayley O’Neill […]

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10 ways to fit in your new workplace

Congratulations! You’ve won that new job! Whether it’s a new experience, transfer or promotion, the next challenge is about to begin. How you start the job will affect how successfully you will build relationships, set expectations and work within the team culture. Starting a new job can be a stressful and exciting event. Most people […]

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Taking the emotion out of property investment

Question: What do you think is the key factor in selecting a great investment property? How much you pay Intimate knowledge of the area/city you’re investing in Should you buy off the plan? According to Tony Barber and Peter Ingram from Property Professionals Australia (PPA), it’s none of these. These veterans of the building and […]

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