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Lifting our faces to the future

“This is a year not just to look to our past but to lift our faces to the future and come together to make it shine, not just for our children but for our old people too.” We are fast approaching a clutch of significant dates in Australian history. National Reconciliation Week (NRW) runs from […]

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How Courtney found her Smile

Sitting across the table from Courtney, it’s hard to imagine that there a was a time when she lacked confidence. The bubbly blonde explains that a desire for more self-confidence was what pushed her to enter HerCanberra’s competition to win a three-month program with Smile Fitness – that, and a friendly push from her mother. […]

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Post-Workout Refuelling

You’ve just walked in the door from a sweaty session at the gym and you’re like: Now what? You’ve read somewhere that you’re supposed to eat something special, otherwise you’ll lose your gains or not recover properly. Maybe you try not to eat after exercise, fearing you’ll undo all your hard work. Or maybe you […]

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The secret to ‘overnight success’

“The reality is that, behind this week’s exciting steps up sits three full decades of commitment to the cause.” On the weekend, my business partner Audrey and I won a ‘Writing Excellence’ award for our book, I Don’t Have Time, at a national conference of business women in Melbourne. The book was described as ‘raw, real, sobering and witty’, […]

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Supporting Canberra families in grief

Content warning: Child loss  Prior to July 2014 I never would have imagined that my association with Red Nose, then SIDS & Kids, would extend much from reading the Safe Sleeping guidelines and buying merchandise for Red Nose Day. After all, you never really think that one day you will lose a child. Everything changed […]

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Declutter and chill

Want to slow down and simplify? Last year, two of the five most borrowed books from ACT Libraries were Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing and Spark Joy: A Master Class on the Art of Organising and Tidying Up. Clearly, we have a ‘thing’ for decluttering. […]

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Too much good news?

Last week, my business partner Audrey phoned and asked how I was. I told her I was lying on the floor. ‘Have you put your back out?’ she said. ‘No, I’m just lying on the floor for a while.’ Something had happened that had spun me out of orbit. It’s the most exciting thing to […]

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Worst Mother’s Day Ever: A poem

Worst Mother’s Day Ever It started with love and the best of intentions. The gift did show flair. And thought. And invention. An effort together from Father and Sons. Much Mother’s Day Love for their Mother’s Day Mum. But much as they pave that well-known road to Hell good intentions can stuff Mother’s Day up […]

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The silent pain of Mother’s Day

For some, Mother’s Day isn’t a day to celebrate. Rather, it’s a day where grief is at its most acute. For those women who desperately want children, but have not been able to, or for those mothers who have lost children, it’s a day of mourning. I battled infertility for two years. It seemed like an […]

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Sustainable life: Part-time success

Before having kids, I was focused on a long, upward career. I hadn’t given part-time work a moment’s thought. After the first baby, my priorities quickly changed, along with my expectation for sleep at night. So that I could enjoy a day or two playing trains and baking muffins with my young children, I chose […]

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