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Screenagers coming to a screen near you

Are you watching kids scroll through life, with their rapid-fire thumbs and a six-second attention span? Now is the time to stop and unpack how to negotiate parenting in a digital world with a special screening of a film devoted to the issue and a Questions and Answer session with experts at Dendy Cinema next […]

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Let’s end the silence

Endometriosis is a common yet not widely understood or spoken about disease. Although it affects 10% of women, it often gets misdiagnosed or simplified out of ignorance as bad period pain. It can take women years to get a diagnosis and once diagnosed it is not always clear what the next best steps are as […]

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Looking for some #fitspo?

A few weeks ago, I sat at the Canberra Capitals end of season dinner, in awe of the group of young women in front of me. Women like Carly Wilson, who accepted her award for Player’s Player through tears, speaking of her commitment to her club, her goal of making her father proud, and the […]

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Understanding Law: Writing a Will

No matter what stage of life you’re in, the thought of what will happen to your assets after you’re gone can seem a little unpleasant. However, a little forethought now can save your loved ones a lot of stress and hassle in the future. Writing a will can be tricky territory – which is why […]

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Designing our city for good mental health

Did you know that city dwellers record higher rates of most mental health problems than their rural cousins? According to the Centre for Urban Design and Mental Health in the United States, citizens of our global cities are almost 40 percent more likely to suffer from depression, 20 percent more likely to be anxious and […]

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Lessons from the Bounce-Back Bench

I was asked to speak at the 50th Anniversary of my primary school last week. When you’re given five minutes to talk, you have to get really clear on what is the most important message you could possibly impart. Here’s what I came up with …  In December last year, we went to my sister’s […]

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Why writing a letter helps after your break up

I was recently going over some of my journaling from the early days of my separation.  At times, my head was all over the place and I can tell you, there was all the wishing, the hoping and the feelings that come with a break-up. Looking back over the last few years and to where I […]

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The seven bad food habits of toddlers

Have a think about the last time you sat down to dinner with your fussy toddler. Was it a pleasant experience? I’d hedge a bet that in many of your households, it wasn’t. Feeding one to four-year-old children is hard work, but it’s worth the effort to start building some healthy habits around food for […]

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Making Magic in Hackett

In a large and shady deck off a humble family home in Hackett, Antonia Basic and her husband Sasa are growing vegetables and cooking for a living. On any given Sunday you may find the deck full of people enjoying Antonia’s crêpes, cooked then and there in the front yard. Otherwise, you may take home […]

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Speaking up to protect women

Sexist jokes reflect and reinforce sexist attitudes. They excuse and perpetuate the gender stereotyping and discrimination against women that underpins violence. And if no one speaks up when a sexist comment or joke is made, it sends the message that this behaviour is ok. Thankfully, Canberra is continuing to show leadership with a commitment to […]

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