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Pink’s Rebel Cause: Helping homeless women survive winter in Canberra

For most of us, shopping is a time to relax, a treat or if we’re lucky, a lifelong passion. However, this winter in Canberra, many women won’t even be in a position to keep themselves warm, let alone browse the stores for the perfect winter coat. Winter is the hardest time for Canberra’s homeless and […]

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Compassion, kindness and a cure for Freyja

“When I sit back and put it all together, I’m amazed.” Since her daughter, Freyja’s diagnosis with Clear Cell Sarcoma, an extremely rare form of cancer, Elizabeth Christiansen Young has been amazed by the compassion of the Canberra community. Five-year-old Freyja’s diagnosis isn’t optimistic, but it is the hope that through the A Cure for […]

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Eight mindsets that will sabotage your long-term nutrition

If simply knowing what to eat made us healthy eaters there would be absolutely no need for any of the diet plans or nutrition programs we find on the market today. Unfortunately, we do have problems putting what we know about nutrition into practice which leads us to being inconsistent with our eating patterns day […]

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What to do if you or a family member is sick in Canberra

Help if you or a family member is sick in Canberra – including the kids, no matter what time it is. 24/7 HELP Healthdirect: 1800 022 222, 24/7 health advice from a Registered Nurse Home Doctor Service: 13 74 25, in home, out of hours, bulk billed doctor service Poisons Information Line: 13 11 26, […]

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Ask, and you never know …

“It’s not magic. It’s just about speaking up, and persisting if it doesn’t work first go.” We went to my uncle’s 90th birthday afternoon tea in Lismore on Saturday and I loved hearing about what I like to think is an inherited family trait to reach wildly beyond our grasp and never give up. Decades […]

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Poems from Parenthood: Get Off Me

space I love you. I LOVE you. I promise I do. But I WILL have to kill you right now unless you Stop hugging me. Stop it right now. ~ Here’s a hint. When I’m struggling upstairs with the shopping I’m really not keen on the idea of stopping. So I know that you love […]

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The Law and You: Domestic Violence and superannuation

Trigger warning: Family violence. Studies show that women are three times more likely than men to experience violence from a partner or former partner. Statistics show that more than 70 women a year die in Australia from violence inflicted upon them by an abusive partner. We shake our heads in disbelief. Why don’t these victims […]

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The Master of Mocktails: Misconceptions and mocktologists

For Australians, and Canberrans in particular, Dry July comes at a difficult time. Difficult, because if it’s a big deal for you to give up alcohol for a month, you probably enjoy a warming glass of wine on a winter’s evening. You might also be one of those connoisseurs who would rather stick pins in […]

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It’s not my thing, but…

I don’t care what you love. I just care that you love it. I spent a couple of hours last night with thousands of Minecraft enthusiasts at the Sydney Opera House. They were dressed up. They were  free-playing with virtual reality headsets. They were getting their bodies signed by famous Minecraft YouTubers. They were competing in Australia’s first ever Minecraft […]

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All girls deserve dignity

‘That time of the month’ can be so different for women, all depending on which country they live in. In Australia, we’re very fortunate to surrounded by technology and products that make our life comfortable on so many levels. We all have reasonably affordable access to feminine hygiene supplies and therefore, even minor issues on […]

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