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Tomorrow’s goals, Today’s plan

If you love the exhilarating feeling of wind rushing through your hair, you’re not alone. Cycling is a major trend in Canberra and getting into the sport may take up less time than you think. In 2014, a team of qualified sports scientists, leading software engineers and business people gathered together with one common goal: to […]

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Sofia’s Escape

TRIGGER WARNING: DV When 34-year-old Sofia was a little girl, she had only one dream: “By the time I turn 25, I’m going to have this awesome house and have children and marry my prince charming.” She did not get the fairytale. As she sits on my couch with a coffee in hand, Sofia looks at […]

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Let’s start at the very end

The week that Audrey and I were set to go through the editor’s changes in our book, I Don’t Have Time – 15-minute Ways to Shape a Life You Love, life as I knew it fell apart. We felt it important to add an ‘epilogue’ in the book, explaining what had happened, and the impact […]

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Modern Dating: Is online the way to go in Canberra?

Are you newly single or perhaps single for some time and want to get back out there? Let’s face it, everything seems to be internet based or controlled with an app these days… so why not dating too? The question I’ve been asking myself recently is, “Is online dating the way to find my ONE”? It’s […]

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The Law and You: Social media during Christmas holidays

Social media, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, are fabulous ways for separated families to stay in touch. So is Skype, including on special days when children can’t be with both parents. However, technology is only wonderful when used in the right way. Technology can quickly become problematic when couples who are separating say or do […]

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Exploring the Many Faces of Daughterhood in Rebellious Daughters

Life experience is such a varied and personal thing; no two people experience something in exactly the same way. Yet, we are all connected by our shared experiences, and by our experiences of shared states. Rebellious Daughters explores this idea through a series of short pieces by leading Australian women of diverse professions, backgrounds, and […]

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Fitness Roadtest: CIT Fit and Well

I’ll be honest with you: Canberra Institute of Technology wouldn’t be the first place I would have thought to go to for either a personal training session or a remedial massage. Not for any negative reason, but purely because I thought its facilities would be available only to students. How wrong I was. CIT Fit […]

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Six reasons why you shouldn’t diet over Christmas

Don’t start a diet this Christmas period. I genuinely feel quite strongly about this. It’s not a good idea. The sun came out last week and it’s finally here to stay. The temptation, as we bare our legs and arms, is to try the latest detox, cleanse, 12-week diet or clean eating plan to shed our excess kilos […]

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Christmas cards full of Canberra

John Beckhouse makes Christmas cards which are full of Canberra-isms and character. He has a great eye for the humour in everyday situations which he expresses through simple drawings and colour. What really makes John’s Christmas cards remarkable is that he is a middle-aged autistic man who was born profoundly deaf. As such, John hasn’t […]

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