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What happens when you commit to a number

My six-year-old fell off a skateboard the first time he tried it yesterday and immediately gave up. I explained that the only reason his friend is able to ride it so well is that he kept getting back on after he fell off when he was first learning. My son was having none of that. […]

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Canberra is not just a workplace

I moved to Canberra on 17 January 2008 knowing no one. I’d never even set foot here until I stepped off the plane that day. I’d just been accepted as a graduate at the Commonwealth Attorney-General’s Department. I had no idea what I was in for. I was excited about the work but, as a […]

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Back to Basics: 10 Budget Destinations

Who said budget travel had to be boring? Stretch your dollars with these handpicked destinations. With winter creeping towards us, it’s mighty tempting to start dreaming up your next holiday. But if your wallet had other ideas, don’t fret. Here are 10 places that are bank account friendly and still packed with adventure. SOUTH AFRICA […]

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The Simple Life: School’s out

For our latest Magazine, people who have gone back to basics – a homeschooler, a tiny house dweller and a kitchen garden cook – explain their lifestyle choices.  ~ There are no Monday morning alarms in the Gribble household, no school uniforms, no lunches to pack and no buses to catch. When five-year-old Sarah and […]

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I Swore I’d Never Move To Canberra. Until I Did: One Year On

A lot can happen in 12 months. Britain unfriended Europe, America is now in a relationship with Trump and “dabbing” became popular AF even though no one actually knows why. 12 months ago I wrote this article for HerCanberra revealing the story of how I came to live in here. In case you missed it […]

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Dogs and Easter: Not an eggscellent combination

Easter is a time for celebration. For some it’s a religious celebration, for some it’s a celebration of chocolate and for some, it’s simply a celebration of the biggest long weekend of the year. Your dog is probably pretty excited too. Four whole days of you being at home! Lots of people in the house! […]

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The key fundamentals of gut health

Have you started drinking kombucha for its gut health promoting properties? If you have, you can stop. Of all the things that make a difference to how well your gut functions, kombucha is relatively pointless. Instead of forcing down a disgusting fermented tea product, in the hope it’s your missing link to wellness, try making some […]

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Canberra winter life hacks

Any true local knows that Anzac Day in Canberra also marks the start of winter (although yesterday was rather rudely cold). As we all head towards a lifestyle of hot drinks and hibernation, the HerCanberra team has rounded up local subscriptions and delivery services to keep you inside and warm all day. ELPAX YOUR LUNCH […]

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Sometimes this is all that’s needed

“We are all just one small adjustment away from making our lives work.” I’ve spent the weekend wrestling jet-lag via Netflix. I decided to watch everything set in the city I’d just fallen in love with and wrenched myself away from — New York. The marathon started with Sleepless in Seattle (for the Empire State […]

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Are You A Control Freak?

Don’t panic, it could be a good thing… Does the thought of a life without lists leave you a cold sweat? The mere mention of a last minute change of plans send you into a tailspin? Do you have an overwhelming urge to ‘supervise’ others, to make sure they’re doing things the right way? You, my friend, may […]

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