Taste Riverina Week 8

The Suitcase

Trigger warning: this post deals with domestic and family violence and may be disturbing for some readers. The annual ritual often ends with a text shared between sisters, “Did you have a piece of cake today?” In about two weeks’ time, our family will once again commemorate that terrible day, 15 years ago, when our Mum’s […]

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What have I done?

I turned 43 yesterday. Another year older, and what have I done? Co-written a musical. Co-written a book. Lost my husband. Brought myself and my children through the darkest days of our lives without losing our faith in love and beauty and humanity. I’ve said ‘yes’ a lot: To risk. To potential failure. To help […]

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Are you respectfully falling out of your relationship?

I recently saw a post on an online forum from a young adult whose parents divorced when he was not quite a teenager. He shared how he felt during his parents’ divorce. He felt like he was in the middle of their divorce that seemed to drag on for years and years. His parents fought […]

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10 things that happen you hang out with a local in Canberra 

The other night I went out in Civic with a good friend of mine who’s a local, which means she pretty much knows every single person who lives here, including Malcolm and his son. Here are some of the things I’ve noticed that happen when you hang out with a local in Canberra. Cheap drinks […]

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Ten things that are more fun than drinking

‘Friday afternoon drinks’ is a staple of many Canberrans’ working week. To be honest, until recently, it’s been the HerCanberra team’s habit — popping the top off a cold beer or a bottle of something fizzy has been a way for us to debrief and unwind together after a hectic week. But times they are […]

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Is politics personal?

What do a jet navigator, a community volunteer and a survivor of domestic violence have in common? They will be vying for your vote in an expanded Legislative Assembly when Canberra goes to the polls on October 15. I caught up with three candidates, representing the three major parties, to find out how their personal […]

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When you’re forced to reinvent yourself

I moved all the furniture around in my family room on the weekend. I’d been feeling anxious in the room, as it held some negative memories, so there was a choice: avoid being in there entirely, or change something. Nothing is now where it was. I’ve added lights and candles and flowers and switched the […]

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Love, Canberra: Kink and camgirls in the capital

After failing to score a job at the podcast she applied for, Evana Ho was forced to get creative about how she could improve her chances for the next job she went for. “It was a case of taking lemons and turning them into lemonade. Having done some research about the competitiveness of internships in […]

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Dreams Reads + Sounds

“Dream a little dream of me…” For our most recent Magazine: The Dream Issue, we asked writer and bookseller at Muse, Stephanie Wang and our resident podcast enthusiast, Molly McLaughlin, to compile a list of dreamy reads and podcasts. BOOKS ALICE IN WONDERLAND Lewis Carroll Alice Liddell dozes by the river one golden afternoon and […]

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Bridget is back: 13 times she was bang on about life 

Bridget Jones. Otherwise known as the only slightly overweight English woman to successfully rock a playboy bunny outfit. Complete with tail. She’s been with us on the page and silver screen for almost two decades and taught us so much along the way. How to start new resolutions. How to immediately break them. How to have […]

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