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What to do these winter school holidays

It’s almost July. That means that cloudy mornings and chilly weather are going to hang over Canberra for at least two more months, but it also means that the next school holidays are just around the corner. Here are some ways to fill them.  MAD HATTERS TEA PARTY These July School Holidays, get ready to […]

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How ‘A Slow Childhood’ made housework fun

Helen Hayward’s philosophy on family has completely changed my life, and in ways I never expected it would. Many of my friends and family members would be stunned to learn, for example, that I now actually enjoy the housework. One quote from Helen’s new book, A Slow Childhood: Notes on thoughtful parenting, found its way onto the bedroom […]

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Poems from Parenthood: Ode to Droplets Yellow

space Across the seat, and on the wall, Wheresoever droplets fall, These teeny, tiny drips of wee Proclaim you now stand up to pee. ~ No nappy, wipes or pull-up pants. Just that hurried little dance Which shows to all your mastery Of that small bladder, now you’re three. ~ This yellow splash, this joyous […]

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Tara’s fight against ‘cansa’

“Hi, I’m Tara. I love to read and I love to do science, physics and biology. I am seven.” The reason I am raising money for the Cancer Council is because I think it is a really great cause to raise money for. I hope the money that I raise will help them get the […]

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Head for the Hill(tops)

It’s vintage charm meets the best of modern life.  Less than a two-hour drive from Canberra, the rolling countryside of the hilltops region is bursting with rich red soils, stone fruits (cherries are the local heroes), vineyards, livestock and locals who welcome you with good old fashioned hospitality. EAT THE MUDDY DUCK A café, giftwares, […]

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10 Ways to Add Flavour Without Excess Calories

If you’re serious about learning how to eat well and lose weight then it’s vital that you master the art of adding flavour without the use of high-energy dressings, marinades and sauces. Here are 10 ways you can add flavour to your food without adding too many calories: 1. Lemon, mustard and rosemary Combine the […]

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A period to celebrate

How was your first period? Was it a celebrated by your mother and aunties? Did you feel proud? Could you talk comfortably to other girls and women about it? Sadly for many women of our generation the answers to these questions are ‘no’.  We regularly hear stories from Canberra women about how ill-prepared they were […]

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What you need to know about the ACT’s 2017-18 Budget

There were no big surprises in Tuesday’s Budget as the ACT Labor Government ploughed further investment into extending the light rail to Woden and diverted the bulk of its commitments to health and education. Chief Minister Andrew Barr looked decidedly upbeat as he spoke to the media lock-up on Tuesday morning, saying we had survived […]

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In defence of complaining

When both parents are in their mid-eighties, it’s a fairly safe bet that you will spend some of your time in hospital, as I did for several hours on Friday afternoon. Everything is fine, and the highest risk is to my patience, which had reached critically low levels by the time we were given the […]

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The Law and You: Bankruptcy and property settlement

What happens with debts in a family law property settlement? What happens if your partner becomes bankrupt? How does this affect your settlement? This column shares information and tips on how to handle debts and a property settlement. It’s an important topic and you’ll want to seek expert legal advice so you understand your rights […]

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