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That Offspring Episode

A friend sent me a text last night to tell me to watch Offspring. I had missed the first half of the show so I didn’t appreciate fully why she’d called me until the closing scenes. Like many women, I have had the experience of the death of a baby before his birth. I am […]

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Marriage equality or Human Rights?

Historically, women have always been disadvantaged by the institution of marriage. I can attest to the fact that I was financially and emotionally disadvantaged by my marriage and then my subsequent divorce. My gorgeous children and amazing family aside – the institution of marriage is not my friend. Marriage is deeply rooted in patriarchy and […]

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Why these might be Canberra’s most important houses

Like many of my Millenial peers, I worry about getting my foot on the property ladder.  It’s what the media tells me to be worried about, as the spotlight of the housing affordability crisis seemed fixated on those with a love of travel, expensive university degree and a fascination with avocado on toast. But after […]

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The Law and You: Domestic violence cross-examination

In Family and Domestic Violence Courts across Australia, hundreds of women who have survived domestic violence have been directly cross-examined by violent ex-partners, adding a further layer of anxiety to their already high stress levels. New changes to the law proposed by the Australian Government mean that victims of domestic violence will no longer have […]

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Katharine Boland: Hippy Days, Arabian Nights

‘I’ve been absolutely terrified every moment of my life—and I’ve never let it keep me from doing a single thing I wanted to do.’ – Georgia O’Keeffe. Taking such inspiration, Katharine Boland has lived a full life, facing her fears and following her heart. Dubbed an Australian Eat, Pray, Love, Katharine’s memoir, Hippy Days, Arabian […]

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A funny thing happened on the way to my hysterectomy

Well, not so much ‘funny’ as ‘unusual’. My surgeon phoned, apologetic: she’d injured her hand and couldn’t perform the operation because she had to have surgery herself. What do you do when your fridge and freezer are stacked, you’ve made enough school lunches for three weeks and your schedule is completely clear…all for a period […]

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Stock up on fresh vegetables at the Capital Region Farmers Market.

Sustainable Life: Introducing the world’s newest superfood

Move over kale. Broccoli leaves are the latest super food to hit stores in New York City. They’re sold as BroccoLeafTM and like kale, they’re packed full of goodness. Just a few leaves can deliver your recommended daily intake of vitamins C and K. Plus, they’re high in those famous antioxidants. Broccoli leaves are my […]

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Five ways to give back this winter

When I was small, one of my favourite bedtime stories – but also undoubtedly the most heart-wrenching – was The Little Match Girl. You’ve probably been read this Hans Christian Andersen classic before, but if you need to be reminded, it tells the story of a poverty-stricken little girl selling matchsticks on a freezing New […]

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10 low-tech ways to keep kids active this winter

During Canberra winters, it can be easy to turn to television or video games to keep your kids busy. The problem is, screen time often comes at the expense of other important activities such as active, creative and imaginative play, hands-on fun and anything that involves spending time and interacting with other people. Technology is […]

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It’s a year since my husband died

One year living with his absence as an enormous, conspicuous, ever-present backdrop behind our ‘show must go on’ performance. One year with a physical ache in my chest. One year with unused shaving gear on his side of our bathroom vanity. A year with his jeans slung over a chair in our bedroom — his […]

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