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Reclaim the Night, Canberra

I’m sitting in a café at 9pm in central London as I write this piece, thinking about being a single woman, alone in a big city. I’m so excited to be in this historically rich, fast-paced, intriguing city but I wonder am I free to walk the streets at night? Are you free to walk […]

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Monday Moment: Come fly with me?

Sometimes we miss the approach. It took four flights to get me from Canberra to Adelaide and back for a My 15 Minutes workshop last week. On not one, but two of these flights, our landings were aborted! It’s called a ‘missed approach’, when the plane is coming in low near the runway and suddenly […]

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Modern Dating: What is your relationship with dating?

How the heck do we meet people these days? And in Canberra? I was surprised to find there are actually quite a few options and I’ll share them with you over the next couple of months, but today I want to share the early days of my dating with you. Over the past two years […]

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Get Loud (Shirt) Day 2016

On Friday 21 October, Clare Steve wants you to get loud for her son Oliver. Here’s why… Oliver was only a few days old when Clare and Anthony discovered something was wrong. As her happy family was leaving the hospital to settle in at home, the hospital performed a mandatory SWISH test. Oliver didn’t pass. At first, […]

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Facing the reality of ageing parents

My son started Kindy this year, and we took the obligatory family photos, including some with my parents, who are both 84. Maybe it’s that I have a gorgeous new camera lens that shows every wrinkle, or maybe I haven’t been paying attention, but when I looked at the photos afterwards I realised with quite […]

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What if this was your last ‘to do’ list?

“Intention isn’t anywhere near good enough. It’s not the thought that counts, it’s the follow-through.” A friend confided in me recently that she’d seen her GP for help with depression only after my husband died, because she felt she needed to address her health in order to support me the way she wanted to. I […]

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Sustainable Life: Eco Baby

Wow! You’re having a baby, congratulations! What have you done to get ready? Where do you go to buy baby gear? If you’re out at the shops, you’ll find gadgets and gear for almost everything. What you won’t find at the shops is the simple approach to living sustainably with your baby. This approach is […]

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The Law and You: Am I in a de facto relationship?

For many couples, marriage is no longer the be-all-end-all. Some couples have been dating for a while. They socialise as a couple, have met each other’s family and live out of each other’s homes. They might even be thinking about moving in, opening joint bank accounts, contributing to joint expenses, buying property and having children. […]

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Post-natal depression

It’s common, it’s treatable and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. One in 10 mums will experience antenatal depression while one in seven will experience postnatal depression. The stats for new fathers are one in 20. That’s a lot. As a parent, and a human being, connections and looking after your health and wellbeing are […]

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Women for peace and security remember Jacky

Twelve months ago, Canberra lost a global citizen who was making a remarkable contribution to the world. Jacky Sutton was a PhD student at the Australian National University. Her research was on women’s human rights in media development in Afghanistan and Iraq. She had a powerful mind, but it was her enormous heart that endeared […]

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