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Escaping the Modern Loop

Have you ever wanted to throw in the towel and just go? To quit your job, buy a one way ticket and pack your swimmers? To most of us, this is a 2pm workday fantasy that mostly involves a winning lottery ticket and white sandy beaches free of colleagues and responsibilities. Then reality comes crashing […]

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Alzheimer’s: It is what it is

I was attempting to get this article written before Sunday’s fundraising Memory Walk and Jog for Alzheimer’s awareness, but didn’t have a hope. Dad has been in hospital for surgery, so my sister and I (and our young children) have been taking it in turns staying with mum 24/7. Mum has Alzheimer’s, and would not […]

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Seven ways to help the YES vote

It’s no secret that here at HerCanberra we’re behind the YES campaign for marriage equality.  We’re hoping that our readership is too, especially as postal ballots are beginning to appear in Canberra letterboxes. We’ve certainly seen some wonderful rainbow statements on social media recently – but as we all know from earlier this year (ahem, Trump) […]

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Run To Paradise

Australians are spoilt.  We live in one of the safest, diverse and physically spectacular countries in the world. We have rainforests that meet vast oceans lined with white sands, red deserts with a human history spanning thousands of years and wildlife so unique that our animals are iconic the world over. But I don’t need […]

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Canberrans to step into the light tomorrow

The Canberra community will walk united tomorrow on World Suicide Prevention Day, 10 September, to remember those who have lost their lives to suicide, and to openly discuss suicide prevention in a supportive environment. Inviting the Canberra community to walk Out of the Shadows and into the Light, Lifeline Canberra CEO, Carrie Leeson said suicide […]

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Sustainable Life: Eight gifts that are easy to make

I’ve forgotten another important birthday again. Help! I’ve just got time to get to the shops and grab a bottle of wine or some chocolate. There’ll be a gift, a token. Mass produced. At least I remembered something! Gifts are my way of letting friends know that they’re special to me. They say thank you […]

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New website for expectant Canberra parents

Each year in the ACT, over 5,500 women give birth. Now, a new online source of information and support for local new parents has been launched to help navigate the sometimes-overwhelming journey. The Having a Baby in Canberra website has been developed by the Women’s Centre for Health Matters and features information on all stages—from planning […]

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Monday Moment: Perspective is everything

We had the great pleasure of going to a performance yesterday from the “Alchemy Choir”. It’s Australia’s first dementia-friendly choir, for people with dementia and their carers. Because all the songs are from ‘yesteryear’, everyone ‘gets it’ — so much so that, in many cases, it was impossible to tell just watching which member of the couple had dementia and which didn’t. […]

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Monday Moment: Here’s where it ends

Last Thursday, I received a copy in the mail of a book to which my husband, Jeff, contributed a chapter. It was the last thing he ever wrote. He was meant to present a paper on it at a conference the weekend after he died, and someone courageously read his words during that session, instead. Seeing his last words […]

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Four champions of workplace flexibility show how it can be achieved

We are often reading in the media how mothers are the greatest untapped resource in an employment market straining under the impact of a rapidly ageing workforce.  The OECD has stated that Australia’s economy would experience a significant boost (up to 20%) if we can find ways and means to engage parents with meaningful, flexible […]

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