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Adventure is Out There*

 *Just remember to take hand sanitiser, commonsense … and your conscience! In the last edition of Magazine, Cambodia was noted as one of the top 10 budget travel destinations. I absolutely agree, it has temple complexes, rice paddies, riverine life and French colonial architecture to offer. I love it. Our family lived in Phnom Penh […]

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Canberra is not just a workplace

I moved to Canberra on 17 January 2008 knowing no one. I’d never even set foot here until I stepped off the plane that day. I’d just been accepted as a graduate at the Commonwealth Attorney-General’s Department. I had no idea what I was in for. I was excited about the work but, as a […]

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The Simple Life: School’s out

For our latest Magazine, people who have gone back to basics – a homeschooler, a tiny house dweller and a kitchen garden cook – explain their lifestyle choices.  ~ There are no Monday morning alarms in the Gribble household, no school uniforms, no lunches to pack and no buses to catch. When five-year-old Sarah and […]

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Dogs and Easter: Not an eggscellent combination

Easter is a time for celebration. For some it’s a religious celebration, for some it’s a celebration of chocolate and for some, it’s simply a celebration of the biggest long weekend of the year. Your dog is probably pretty excited too. Four whole days of you being at home! Lots of people in the house! […]

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School holidays, sorted…

Anyone that has children will understand how expensive school holidays can become when your kids love activities. Although having a break from early mornings, school lunches and the after-school run around is wonderful, it almost feels like we just got back into the rhythm of work and school…surely it can’t be the autumn school holidays […]

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10 ways to get active in the school holidays

As the school holidays continue, the inevitable question pops up – how do you keep the kids busy? Keeping kids active can take some creativity, particularly when the weather turns cold and it gets dark early. But with over 63 per cent of adults and around one quarter of children overweight or obese, it’s more important […]

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Sustainable Life: Eat, Grow, Autumn

Ripe figs, luscious leafy greens and still more zucchinis… It must be autumn in the kitchen garden. A great season for growing. The scorching heat of a midsummer’s day has passed, leaving just a lovely warm soil and mild days – perfect growing weather. Tender, crisp leafy plants love autumn. In the kitchen, it’s time […]

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15 boredom-busting activities for the autumn school holidays

Do your kids tend to go a little stir crazy over the holidays? Want to make sure they make the most of their time away from school while also mixing in a bit of fun? Make your way around Canberra’s national attractions for intellectually-stimulating and boredom-busting activities during the autumn school holidays (8 April-25 April). Australian […]

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Future living

Welcome to the future. There are solar panels on every roof. Bike paths and public transport for everyone. Productive community gardens and edible plants on the streets. Instead of concrete drains, there are wetlands. When we were young, this was the future we had imagined. A future where our environmental ‘footprint’ doesn’t take up five […]

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10 tips for long term weight loss

Losing weight seems like it should be reasonably simple. It’s just a matter of making the energy we eat from food less than the energy we expend through our metabolism and physical activity. Right? This is fundamentally true, but there is so much more to the journey of losing weight than just maintaining a negative […]

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