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Charity begins at Canberra’s Handmade Markets

On your way into Handmade Markets, you could make a difference. It’s simply spare change to many – a few gold coins tossed in a bucket in the excitement of a big shopping day at Handmade Markets. But did you know that the local charities that have been selected to collect coins from passing shoppers […]

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Struggling To Be In Control As a New Parent: Skye’s Story

Becoming a parent can be a shock for control freaks, as Canberra mum Skye discovered. “As a first-time pregnant woman I thought I had it all figured out. I exercised nearly every day, went to prenatal yoga classes and made sure I was gaining the right amount of weight (for me and for my baby). […]

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Get smart about your car servicing

Feel foolish when visiting the mechanic? Kaylia Payne discovers how to get smart about car servicing. Guaranteed no ‘mansplaining’! Many moons ago I wrote this article about dealing with mechanics. Quite a lot has changed since then, namely that I am now well versed in changing oil, and do in fact know the make and […]

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BMW Drive Day: pedal to the metal

Kate Freeman and Ashleigh Went discover their inner speed demons at a recent BMW Driving experience. I’m what you’d describe as ‘not into cars.’ My husband, on the other hand, is as ‘car guy’ as they come and makes up for what I lack in engine enthusiasm — he lives and breathes them. But even though […]

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Sign language123

Demand for sign language interpreters

As an Australian Sign Language interpreter, Sarah Strong has broken communication barriers for graduations, weddings and everything in between. “I might be interpreting for a corporate meeting, then I’ll go to a specialist appointment, a parent teacher interview, or a cooking class,” Sarah says. “They say it’s from the cradle to the grave, we’re there […]

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Home loans with a touch of designer luxury

When my husband and I bought our new apartment, I remember walking in for the first time and getting a shock – while I loved the space itself, the fancy display furnishings were gone, and our old furniture didn’t quite fit. We ended up telling ourselves we would upgrade our furniture bit by bit, but […]

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HerCanberra Wedding Series: Laura’s Big Day

In the last of this series, Laura Peppas shares her wedding experience, with some big-day advice… After six months of planning every minute detail of our wedding day – every last rose petal, seating plan and stationary order – the countdown was over. The big day was finally here. The afternoon before our wedding, I was […]

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Monday Moment: 20 seconds of courage

Every so often you find yourself in a scenario where you know you have an opportunity to do something, but you’re nervous or apprehensive or unsure about it. It happened to me on Thursday on a flight from Canberra to Sydney. Two rows behind sat three of the Diamonds—our newly-crowned World Champion netballers—in their green […]

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No More Stigma

I don’t know a single family that hasn’t been touched in some way by depression. So it’s unsurprising when Beyond Blue explains that depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide, and that an estimated 45 percent of Australians will experience a mental health condition in their lifetime. Talking about depression comes more easily to […]

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Laura’s Wedding: Choosing Vendors

Picking vendors for your wedding can be a tricky process. Finding that perfect venue, photographer or hair stylist is so often about relying on word of mouth than it is picking it out of a magazine. Here, in the second part of her wedding series, Laura Edwards reveals how she found her wedding vendors, and […]

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