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How often should you eat to lose weight?

Do you remember watching the diet infomercials in the 90s? I do. I vividly remember one in particular. It launched the revolutionary concept (at the time) of eating six small meals a day to lose weight. I remember watching beautiful, toned bodies, with big, hair-spray-teased hair and high cut bikinis laughing around a campfire as the voice over guy […]

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Fitness Roadtest: Psycle Life

One thing that I will say for certain about Psycle Life is that you won’t find anything like it in Canberra. In fact, if you want to feel a little bit special, or like your fitness with a little bit of ‘luxe’, then you’re going to want to give Psycle Life a spin (sorry). First […]

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Wellness Roadtest: World of Wellbeing

Sometimes these Wellness Roadtests come at just the time I need them most. It’s a common story. In our busy, busy lives we keep going and going and going, ignoring our body’s signals to stop … to take a break … until we fall in a big heap. I started 2016 with recurring hives and […]

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Sustainable life: Nuts for Almond milk

Silky smooth and creamy. Fresh and light. Local. Home made almond milk.  But wait, there’s more. Homemade almond milk is packed with fibre – good for your digestion. Almond milk also contains no cholesterol or saturated fat, but instead is high in healthy fats like omega acids that help to prevent heart disease. Almond milk […]

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Ten things that are more fun than drinking

‘Friday afternoon drinks’ is a staple of many Canberrans’ working week. To be honest, until recently, it’s been the HerCanberra team’s habit — popping the top off a cold beer or a bottle of something fizzy has been a way for us to debrief and unwind together after a hectic week. But times they are […]

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Sick brunette blowing her nose in the living room

Five unexpected things that could be giving you hay fever

As a Canberra florist who is allergic to flowers, a ‘wanna be’ cat lady who sneezes around cats and a secret vacuum lover who can’t deal with dust, it has become apparent my hay fever shows no mercy on the life I plan to lead. I sneezed 11 times in a meeting a few weeks […]

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Lululemon’s Floriade Yoga

When thinking of getting active at Floriade, you might think of a leisurely scenic stroll through the gardens. That’s certainly one of the highlights of the event, and this year The Heart Foundation are once again hosting 45-minute exercise walks in the mornings at 8am before the doors open to the public. However, if you […]

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NaturePlay photo shoot at The Pinnacles Nature Reserve, Sunday 26 June 2016.

Children and Play: Back to the future? 

Nature Play. I was excited to read Her Canberra’s article on this new ACT government program. For some years now, I’ve been pondering the difference in our children’s childhood, and that of our forebears. For me, the contrasts in child play were most clearly illustrated through some classic stories that I read to my children. […]

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Happy Birthday Snow Babies

I have five children, a beautiful thirteen-year-old daughter (my teenager), a cheeky and gorgeous three-year-old son (my ‘threenager’) and three ‘snow babies.’ Today, my snow babies turned two. Snow babies? You’re wondering? Yes… my beautiful babies, or to be more scientific, they are our five-day-old embryos that are currently on ice (in Sydney). Two years […]

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Not all calories are created equal

Are you still calorie counting to lose weight? Hopefully, by the end of this article, I can convince you to stop. You see, not all calories are created equal. 500 calories from one meal can be a whole lot different to 500 calories from another. There’s lots of debate on this topic among ‘weight loss experts’ […]

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