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The ‘joys’ of feeding children

I’m a nutritionist by profession. In every other waking moment of my life, I’m a mother. And by golly! Some days it’s literally the most difficult aspect of my life. I remember when my daughter (now eight) first said the word ‘mum’. It was in context, as opposed to just babbling something that just sounded like ‘mum’. […]

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Wanderlust 108: The Mindful Triathlon

We all know that life can sometimes get overwhelming. Whether it’s work stress, home stress, or just life-stress, sometimes it’s hard to stay in the present and feel connected to something bigger. This sense of connection needs to be nurtured, but at times it can be difficult to know where to start. Classes might be […]

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Five Minutes with World Surfing Champion Tyler Wright

Last Thursday, Tyler Wright claimed her maiden world surfing title at just 22. It’s an incredible achievement on what has been a golden year for the young Aussie, with an impressive total of four wins. In the face of what could be overwhelming success, Tyler has remained composed and refreshingly down to earth. While she may […]

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Facing the reality of ageing parents

My son started Kindy this year, and we took the obligatory family photos, including some with my parents, who are both 84. Maybe it’s that I have a gorgeous new camera lens that shows every wrinkle, or maybe I haven’t been paying attention, but when I looked at the photos afterwards I realised with quite […]

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Road test: Healthy Skin Solutions for acne

I’m pretty sure I’m the stuff nightmares are made of for Kingston skin specialist Healthy Skin Solutions. I’ve always struggled with acne. My body clock is all over the shop. I’m addicted to spray tans and under the ‘how much water do you drink?’ question on the application at my road test, I changed ‘water’ […]

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What if this was your last ‘to do’ list?

“Intention isn’t anywhere near good enough. It’s not the thought that counts, it’s the follow-through.” A friend confided in me recently that she’d seen her GP for help with depression only after my husband died, because she felt she needed to address her health in order to support me the way she wanted to. I […]

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Women Can Play

Sport has always been a big, important part of my life. My Dad’s career shifted from plumber to sports manager when we moved from the Perth to the east coast when I was three. As his career shifted from manager of Australian Volleyball, General Manager of the Canberra Cannons and CEO of Soccer ACT, it […]

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Five Minutes with Ashy Bines

Ask any Australian woman to think of a fitness personality and Ashy Bines is bound to be at the top of her list. Ashy has gained a massive following from her Bikini Body Challenge and spreading her love of health and fitness over social media. While her Instagram features what you’d expect from a fitness […]

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Why I have a morning wellness ritual

Years ago, I’d heard of Hashimoto’s but I didn’t really know what it was, what it meant… or that I was living with it. Of course, these days, I’ve built my business around it so I know it’s an insidious and highly complex autoimmune disease that attacks the thyroid gland causing hypothyroidism…or as many women out […]

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Post-natal depression

It’s common, it’s treatable and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. One in 10 mums will experience antenatal depression while one in seven will experience postnatal depression. The stats for new fathers are one in 20. That’s a lot. As a parent, and a human being, connections and looking after your health and wellbeing are […]

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