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Tomorrow’s goals, Today’s plan

If you love the exhilarating feeling of wind rushing through your hair, you’re not alone. Cycling is a major trend in Canberra and getting into the sport may take up less time than you think. In 2014, a team of qualified sports scientists, leading software engineers and business people gathered together with one common goal: to […]

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Short course, big impact

If you could go back to school or University, what would you study? Would you pick Drama over English? Or follow your passion for Chemistry above your parents’ preferred choice of Physics? It’s a question many people ponder the further they get from their student days. Only two years out from my Bachelor degree, I […]

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Sofia’s Escape

TRIGGER WARNING: DV When 34-year-old Sofia was a little girl, she had only one dream: “By the time I turn 25, I’m going to have this awesome house and have children and marry my prince charming.” She did not get the fairytale. As she sits on my couch with a coffee in hand, Sofia looks at […]

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Fitness Roadtest: CIT Fit and Well

I’ll be honest with you: Canberra Institute of Technology wouldn’t be the first place I would have thought to go to for either a personal training session or a remedial massage. Not for any negative reason, but purely because I thought its facilities would be available only to students. How wrong I was. CIT Fit […]

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Six reasons why you shouldn’t diet over Christmas

Don’t start a diet this Christmas period. I genuinely feel quite strongly about this. It’s not a good idea. The sun came out last week and it’s finally here to stay. The temptation, as we bare our legs and arms, is to try the latest detox, cleanse, 12-week diet or clean eating plan to shed our excess kilos […]

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A Tale of Two Testes

It’s almost the end of November; the month where men live out their moustacioed fantasies and raise money and awareness for men’s health. I have a beard that I have not shaved off and will not be growing back upper lip first – I’m just not ready for that right now (men’s health!). However, in […]

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A Feat on Feet: Ebony Hoiberg’s Quest for Zest

It’s not often you hear about someone walking from one side of Australia to the other, but it’s a once in a blue moon event hearing that someone you know is preparing to embark on the journey. My friend Ebony Hoiberg will take the first step of her adventure in Perth, in July 2017, with […]

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Family Roadtest: Little Athletics

Earlier this year, our eight-year-old daughter Sophia ran her first cross country race, and promptly made it to Zone. Mr HerCanberra and I looked at each other, slightly bemused, and said ‘well, I guess she can run!’. Her school doesn’t place a huge emphasis on physical activity, so while we’d seen her run around the […]

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kids on the beach feature

When your child loses a parent

When my husband Jeff died in July from undiagnosed heart disease, I wanted to hold ‘my people’ close. I reached for support from my family and friends, and from the HerCanberra family too. There were nights when complete strangers would turn up on my doorstep with dishes of food, movie tickets to distract our family or […]

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My kids wanted the chicken nuggets

Last week, my family and I had dinner at a very small RSL bowls club in a little town near Canberra. Stuck to the wall near our table was a tattered, very roughly put together, A3 size kids menu. For $7.50 you could feed your kids one of four items. All of those items were deep fried. Not one […]

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