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Sustainable life: Best vegetables to grow this summer

Long days of sunshine. Green shoots. Earthworms dancing in the soil. Now is the time to start your summer vegetable garden. Plant now, and by Christmas you’ll have a rich variety of flavour and crunch that is yours to share with loved ones. If you’re new to vegetable gardening, take a moment to get the […]

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World Mental Health Day: Do you see what I see?

It’s always amazed me that we each have our own unique perspective on life. No matter how hard we may try to walk a mile in another person’s shoes, we will never fully see and experience what another person sees – not the exact same shade of colours, not the exact same sunrise, not feel […]

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How to be Wonder Woman without leaving Canberra

Women are trending right now. And when I mean they are “trending” I mean that there is currently an influx of inspiring bad ass women power that has begun to dominate popular culture. Think Wonder Woman, Atomic Blonde, and the upcoming Tomb Raider movie set for release in 2018; leading ladies kicking ass and taking […]

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Sometimes we turn to Podcasts and Netflix to escape from the real world, other times it’s to tune in for a little inspiration. With a focus on women who are challenging the status quo and kicking goals, these picks are sure to leave you feeling motivated to start a disruption of your own… GLOW   […]

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The Mask of Motherhood

There was just one moment, throughout my surprisingly enjoyable pregnancy, that would really give me an indication of what was to come. It wasn’t that episode of Friends where Rachel gives birth to a beautiful baby girl and a few episodes later is back at work, as fabulous as ever. It wasn’t the many Instagram […]

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Alzheimer’s: It is what it is

I was attempting to get this article written before Sunday’s fundraising Memory Walk and Jog for Alzheimer’s awareness, but didn’t have a hope. Dad has been in hospital for surgery, so my sister and I (and our young children) have been taking it in turns staying with mum 24/7. Mum has Alzheimer’s, and would not […]

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Canberrans to step into the light tomorrow

The Canberra community will walk united tomorrow on World Suicide Prevention Day, 10 September, to remember those who have lost their lives to suicide, and to openly discuss suicide prevention in a supportive environment. Inviting the Canberra community to walk Out of the Shadows and into the Light, Lifeline Canberra CEO, Carrie Leeson said suicide […]

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Women’s Health Service celebrates a job well done

For 30 years, the ACT Women’s Health Service has been providing crucial care for some of the city’s most vulnerable women. Over that time, the service has grown enormously – starting out with just one doctor, a nurse and a counsellor and growing now to provide a range of doctors, nurses, nurse practioners, counsellors, a […]

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Undressing the Model Lifestyle with Cassie Lane

“Like most memoirs, How to Dress a Dummy is a narrative of an individual’s path to self-discovery and acceptance.” I think sometimes even women who identify as feminists are occasionally guilty of making assumptions about other women, especially those in the public eye, based on how they dress, how they use social media, or what they do […]

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Stock up on fresh vegetables at the Capital Region Farmers Market.

Sustainable Life: Introducing the world’s newest superfood

Move over kale. Broccoli leaves are the latest super food to hit stores in New York City. They’re sold as BroccoLeafTM and like kale, they’re packed full of goodness. Just a few leaves can deliver your recommended daily intake of vitamins C and K. Plus, they’re high in those famous antioxidants. Broccoli leaves are my […]

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