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Let’s end the silence

Endometriosis is a common yet not widely understood or spoken about disease. Although it affects 10% of women, it often gets misdiagnosed or simplified out of ignorance as bad period pain. It can take women years to get a diagnosis and once diagnosed it is not always clear what the next best steps are as […]

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Looking for some #fitspo?

A few weeks ago, I sat at the Canberra Capitals end of season dinner, in awe of the group of young women in front of me. Women like Carly Wilson, who accepted her award for Player’s Player through tears, speaking of her commitment to her club, her goal of making her father proud, and the […]

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The seven bad food habits of toddlers

Have a think about the last time you sat down to dinner with your fussy toddler. Was it a pleasant experience? I’d hedge a bet that in many of your households, it wasn’t. Feeding one to four-year-old children is hard work, but it’s worth the effort to start building some healthy habits around food for […]

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A Giant weekend of women’s sport

It’s an exciting time to be involved in women’s sports – particularly in Canberra, where this weekend the Giants national super netball and women’s AFL sides will have their first home games in the ACT. Just ask Jessica Bibby or Ellie Brush, two of the local GWS Giants players set to play in a history […]

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Fitness Roadtest: HALE Gym + Spa

Walking into HALE, tucked away inside the heritage-listed Brassey Hotel, feels less like walking into a gym and more like stepping into an über-glam, Scandi-inspired Instagram feed. Selecting a gym can be overwhelming for a lot of us. One of the questions I think people often forget to ask themselves is, “is this somewhere that I will […]

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Stop Weighing Yourself!

If you’ve ever dieted and weighed yourself regularly before you’ll know the drill.  Wake up Do a wee Get naked Stand on scales What happens next has a lot to do with what number comes up on those scales. Scenario 1: The number is significantly less than the previous weigh-in You fist pump, yell “Woo!” […]

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The Food Coo Op veggies feature

Up the Duff? Here’s What to Put in Your Mouth

Pregnancy is one of the most nutritionally demanding stages of the life cycle. Women often feel a strong desire to produce a healthy baby, while at the same time worrying about how their own body will fare once the pregnancy is over. Stretch marks, anyone? Your decisions about health and nutrition can significantly affect both […]

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Fertility: from start to finish

A couple decide to have a baby. The woman falls effortlessly and glowingly pregnant; has a painless, quick (preferably drug-free) birth; falls immediately in love with a tiny baby; and the family lives happily ever after. This scenario is what we’re exposed to nearly all our lives and subsequently what many of us have come to […]

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How to stave off relationship weight

I currently find myself in a situation where my boyfriend (who I live with) is trying to gain weight, while I’m trying to lose it for a friend’s upcoming wedding. For the love of Ben & Jerry’s, someone please send help.  While this scenario is quite frankly torturous, it’s in no way unique. In fact, […]

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Reducing Junk Food Consumption: Whose responsibility is it?

This week, your media feed may have filled up with reports of the banning of ‘junk food’ at schools and sporting venues as part of a federal government push for improving the health of Australia. Well, that’s the message that was relayed to me over the phone, by a local radio station, at 7.50am Monday […]

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