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Clare Warwick feature

Hitting a high: Clare’s journey to the top

Claire Warwick is on a path to something extraordinary. Where to, exactly? The name of Clare’s blog, Blood, Sweat and Diamonds, Diary of an Australian Softballer, provides the first hint. Reading through her blog updates, which document her team’s victories and losses, makes it even clearer what the national softball player is all about. Named […]

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Tim Robards: Wellbeing, not comfort

It may not be 2013 and we’re not holding our breath to see which contestant The Bachelor gives the final rose to, but Tim Robards is still the name on everyone’s lips. Aside from being newly engaged to the woman who did receive that final rose (congrats Anna and Tim!) Tim’s (let’s be honest) ridiculous […]

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Recipe: Choc Chia Bliss Balls

Bliss balls! They’ve been a super popular ‘healthy’ snack for the past few years now. We often get asked to analyse bliss ball recipes and sometimes, they’re just as high in fat, sugar and energy as a Mars Bar! So, we thought we’d put together a combination of our own! Healthy Eating Hub style! Do […]

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Tara’s fight against ‘cansa’

“Hi, I’m Tara. I love to read and I love to do science, physics and biology. I am seven.” The reason I am raising money for the Cancer Council is because I think it is a really great cause to raise money for. I hope the money that I raise will help them get the […]

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flavouring food, prawns, lime, garlic, chilli

10 Ways to Add Flavour Without Excess Calories

If you’re serious about learning how to eat well and lose weight then it’s vital that you master the art of adding flavour without the use of high-energy dressings, marinades and sauces. Here are 10 ways you can add flavour to your food without adding too many calories: 1. Lemon, mustard and rosemary Combine the […]

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A period to celebrate

How was your first period? Was it a celebrated by your mother and aunties? Did you feel proud? Could you talk comfortably to other girls and women about it? Sadly for many women of our generation the answers to these questions are ‘no’.  We regularly hear stories from Canberra women about how ill-prepared they were […]

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stadium sport fitness woman feature

Play like a girl

“Like a girl” It’s usually a teasing term aimed at boys who are displaying a certain kind of “weakness”: throwing a ball softer or shorter than expected might be met with a “you’re throwing like a girl” jibe. It’s just one of those off-handed remarks which is not necessarily designed to insult any woman in […]

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pms pain sad woman_feature

Six Ways to manage PMS (naturally)

Fact: PMS sucks. Mood swings, cramps, gastrointestinal issues, breakouts, sore boobs, fatigue… I get it all, and I know I’m not the only one. In these times, I tend to gravitate towards my hot water bottle, Netflix, chocolate and—when things get really bad—pain relief tablets. But if you’re looking for natural ways to manage your […]

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healthy food vegetables_feature

The Futile Rules of ‘Clean Eating’

I honestly can’t believe that after nearly 13 years in the industry I’m putting together a list of unnecessary food rules. There are oodles of food rules, touted from the pages of blogs and websites alike, that have sent many an individual spiralling into a vortex of food guilt and anxiety, all in the name of healthy […]

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Cycling CBR Feature

Cycling for a Cause

According to Iona Halliday and Chris Dennis, here in Canberra we’re in a “cycling Mecca”. The numerous Lycra-clad, helmet-wearing figures pouring into the Two Before Ten café in Hobart Place might attest to this. Iona Halliday is a member of the CBR Women’s Cycling team, which is set to compete in the US next month, […]

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