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10 Healthy Camping Tips

Camping has recently become one of my favourite things to do. Over the past 12 months, I’ve gathered the little Freeman family and headed out bush for some outdoor fun! The nature. The sun. The time away from technology. The fun. The slow pace. They’ve all been key things that I’ve really enjoyed about the experience. […]

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Raising money and eyebrows at Cupid’s Undie Run

On Valentine’s Day weekend, both Canberra’s exhibitionists and charitably-minded alike will have a great opportunity to raise money (and probably a few eyebrows) at the Valentines Day-centric Cupid’s Undie Run. 2017 will be the third year the event has been held, expanding from two cities in 2016 to 14 held nationwide this year. The run is raising […]

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Six Breakfasts to Refuel After High Intensity Exercise

You’re an energiser bunny. The alarm sounds at 5.30am and you wake with a start! You jump out of bed and whack on your runners and some Lorna Jane. It’s not matching but you don’t care. You know that awesomeness comes from the heart, not from your #activewear. You’re just oozing energy and motivation. It’s just ridiculous […]

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Fitness Roadtest: Elements Fitness

There was a time when I used to train at an all women’s gym, and I loved it. In the past few years, however, I’ve been training in mixed sex gyms and fitness facilities. I’d become so accustomed to working out in the presence of men that I’d almost forgotten how it once seemed uncomfortable… […]

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The Perfect Gift: When a loved one is diagnosed with cancer

You get the news… a friend or family member has just been diagnosed. You are in shock, you cry and you want to see them. Then… you wonder what you can do for them. Flowers? Chocolates? What do you even buy someone who’s just received this awful news? Their life has just turned crazy. They’re […]

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Six New Fitness Activities to try in 2017

Nothing inspires a new fitness regime like a new year – and 2017 brings with it the opportunity to try a massive range of new activities. I always recommend trying new things when it comes to fitness – even if you don’t find an activity that you plan on sticking with, it’s a great way […]

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10 favourite South Coast beaches

A Local’s Guide to some of the South Coast’s favourite beaches. It’s no secret that the South Coast’s great waves, rugged coastline, secluded hamlets and family-friendly play areas make it the ideal holiday destination – there’s a patch of sand to suit every beach lover! Boasting a beautiful, rolling seaboard of breathtaking scenery, it’s the […]

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Lose Yourself: Canberra’s Luxe Day Spas

ESCAPE THE HUSTLE AND GRIND FOR SOME HANDS-ON ME TIME AND A QUIET INDULGENCE FAR FROM THE MADDING CROWD Here are some of Canberra’s most luxurious day spas. Enjoy. Hale spa Due to open in January, Hale is a resort-style day spa and fitness centre that will break new ground in Canberra and potentially pitch […]

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Six alternative resolutions for 2017

“New Year, New You.” If ever there was a phrase to inspire unrealistic expectations and defeat, this is it. The fact is that no matter how hard you try, you will not wake up on the 1st of January 2017 as brand new human – and thank goodness because, quite frankly, that would be terrifying. […]

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Surviving the silly season

Tis the season to spend more time with loved ones but it can get a little ridiculous out there… I don’t know about you but I used to put a lot of expectations on myself (and everyone else) during the Christmas period. I thought that every year I needed a photo of my kids with […]

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