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Do you ever just want to pack up and leave?

Yesterday I met a man from a picturesque Irish village, who has a son and two teenage daughters (who have exactly the same names as my teenage daughters), who is looking to house-swap to Canberra with his wife. Before my husband died, we were dreaming of a move to Ireland. I’ve never been, despite a […]

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Modern Dating: A Table for Six

More of a dinner club less of a match making club… Do you find yourself sitting at home after your separation, not sure who to meet and where to go? Your friends may be married and have children who need their undivided attention and with that, perhaps you’re feeling lost in a singles world. Apps might not […]

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Wanderlust: Amy O’Dell

AMY O’DELL, 35, LEFT HER MARKETING MANAGER JOB, SOLD HER BELONGINGS AND STARTED A BACKPACKING ADVENTURE (TWICE!). We meet the women who gave in to their Wanderlust and did something a little crazy, a lot brave and ultimately life-affirming when they packed up their ordinary lives and took the plunge. WHAT SPARKED YOUR DECISION? I’d […]

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Sustainable Life: Just rubbish?

One week = one shopping bag full of rubbish. There are two adults and three children in the house. Our challenge has been set. Impossible! I hear you say. Well, here’s how we did it. Recycling food scraps at home We like to eat lots of fruit and vegetables, so our home produces a bucket […]

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Capturing Romance in Nineteenth Century Paris

To Capture What We Cannot Keep is the latest novel from Scottish writer Beatrice Colin. It is marketed as a generic historical romance – this, I feel, is something of a disservice to the book, as it offers more than typical period piece love story. The novel centres on Caitriona Wallace, a young widow who […]

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Press Play: Four TV Shows to Escape Reality

Sad that you’re no longer at the beach and faced with the reality of working again? Avoid it, by cuddling up on the couch and entering four new realities… A Series of Unfortunate Events If you’re looking for a reality to make you feel like your working world isn’t that grim, then don’t go past […]

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Sustainable Life: Summer’s cool in your home

I like my home to be a sanctuary, no matter what’s going on in the world.  I like to beat the heat by taking the kids to the pool… or the National Museum of Australia for some strong air conditioning. When it’s really hot, I wistfully imagine myself living in a beach house and make […]

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Five New Year’s Resolutions You Have Permission To Fail

“Because if at first you don’t succeed, stop trying and have a Mint Slice.” At the start of a brand new year, making resolutions seems like a good idea. So did buying little Maggie a Tickle Me Elmo for Christmas but we all know how that turned out. It’s hard to escape their lure. They’re […]

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Five more books to read for a (fictional) summer holiday

Keen to travel but it’s just not an option at the moment? Books are an excellent way to imagine you’re somewhere exotic, while you’re actually stuck in the daily grind. Here are five books to help you pretend that you’re somewhere else for a little while. And who knows, it just might give you some […]

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Reconnecting with Your Home

Why on earth do I feel like I’ve just returned from a holiday retreat? I’ll tell you why… I am floating with blissful peace and inner harmony. I feel like I’m walking on clouds and my heart is beating half as fast as normal. I find myself smiling and feeling so unbelievably content. Moving from […]

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