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Pink’s Rebel Cause: Helping homeless women survive winter in Canberra

For most of us, shopping is a time to relax, a treat or if we’re lucky, a lifelong passion. However, this winter in Canberra, many women won’t even be in a position to keep themselves warm, let alone browse the stores for the perfect winter coat. Winter is the hardest time for Canberra’s homeless and […]

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Escape Trails: Cooma and the Monaro

Long regarded by ski tourists as a stopover on their journey to the snow, Cooma and the Monaro region have their own charms and treasures to invite the long and winding traffic to stay a little longer. Play Raglan Gallery Located on Cooma’s Historic Lambie Street, the Raglan Gallery holds an array of pieces from […]

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Sustainable life: How to grow your own fruit in every season

Home grown fruit tastes better.  Juicy, crunchy, sun-kissed… Yum. Yes, there is a reason. It’s about the way your fruit ripens. Fruit ripens for longer on your trees at home, creating a sweeter and more complex flavour. Commercially grown fruit is picked early, so that it can ripen as it’s transported to cold storage, warehouses […]

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Five Classic Reads for Winter  

With its shortened days, and icy winds, winter is pretty much the ideal time to sit at home and enjoy a good book. While there is no shortage of new and amazing books to see you through the long winter months, personally, I find the inclement weather provides the perfect ambience in which to enjoy […]

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How ‘A Slow Childhood’ made housework fun

Helen Hayward’s philosophy on family has completely changed my life, and in ways I never expected it would. Many of my friends and family members would be stunned to learn, for example, that I now actually enjoy the housework. One quote from Helen’s new book, A Slow Childhood: Notes on thoughtful parenting, found its way onto the bedroom […]

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Françoise Frenkel’s iconic story comes to Canberra

‘The poet moves from life to language, the translator moves from language to life; both like the immigrant, try to identify the invisible, what’s between the lines, the mysterious implications.’ So says Anne Michaels in the wonderful Fugitive Pieces. But what of a real translator, faced with the true history of a mostly unknown woman, […]

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Negotiating group house living in five steps

The process of committing to a group house can be daunting, exciting and challenging to say the least. Here are our top tips to help you smoothly negotiate this sometimes volatile process. Choose Your Housemates Wisely Constant fun, communal cooking, movie nights and raging parties. These preconceived ideas are a magical, yet brief phase of […]

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Two tips before I turn 50

Many people say they are going to do things and then never do them. I am guilty of this as much as the next entrepreneur. However, I am about to turn fifty so I have written a large list of things I need to do before I get there. Decisions, intentions, choices and resolutions – […]

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Sustainable life: Less is more

Big houses, big cars and new shiny things. We love progress. It wasn’t so long ago that the average family home had two rooms, no electricity and travel was by horse and cart. Wow. Life was tough back then. Right now things are pretty comfortable. But, do we really need everything to be shiny, new […]

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What you need to know about the ACT’s 2017-18 Budget

There were no big surprises in Tuesday’s Budget as the ACT Labor Government ploughed further investment into extending the light rail to Woden and diverted the bulk of its commitments to health and education. Chief Minister Andrew Barr looked decidedly upbeat as he spoke to the media lock-up on Tuesday morning, saying we had survived […]

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