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Escaping the Modern Loop

Have you ever wanted to throw in the towel and just go? To quit your job, buy a one way ticket and pack your swimmers? To most of us, this is a 2pm workday fantasy that mostly involves a winning lottery ticket and white sandy beaches free of colleagues and responsibilities. Then reality comes crashing […]

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Introducing the 2017 Lifeline Women of Spirit

Inspirational women are all around us.  This includes a senior executive who suffered a long and silent road of depression who now speaks out and inspires and mentor others daily, while managing her mental illness; and a mother who devotes her time to providing positive experiences for children diagnosed with serious long-term illness, following the […]

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Seven ways to help the YES vote

It’s no secret that here at HerCanberra we’re behind the YES campaign for marriage equality.  We’re hoping that our readership is too, especially as postal ballots are beginning to appear in Canberra letterboxes. We’ve certainly seen some wonderful rainbow statements on social media recently – but as we all know from earlier this year (ahem, Trump) […]

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Women’s Health Service celebrates a job well done

For 30 years, the ACT Women’s Health Service has been providing crucial care for some of the city’s most vulnerable women. Over that time, the service has grown enormously – starting out with just one doctor, a nurse and a counsellor and growing now to provide a range of doctors, nurses, nurse practioners, counsellors, a […]

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Sustainable Life: Eight gifts that are easy to make

I’ve forgotten another important birthday again. Help! I’ve just got time to get to the shops and grab a bottle of wine or some chocolate. There’ll be a gift, a token. Mass produced. At least I remembered something! Gifts are my way of letting friends know that they’re special to me. They say thank you […]

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Why you should know what the word Penda means

Earlier this week in Parliament House, an innovative new phone app was launched in Canberra which has the potential to save a life. Penda is an app that helps women to navigate their way through the scenario of domestic violence. It provides safety, financial and legal information and referrals for women at risk and includes a safety […]

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Pumping blood to the city’s heart

Taken in the early 1960s, a happy snap in black and white captures a barely recognisable Garema Place. In the foreground, a group of women with children gathered at their skirts stop to chat. Passers-by gaze into sparkling shop windows. Men in three piece suits walk briskly along the bustling sidewalk. There’s not a faded […]

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boygirlco's Osprey Table, using recycled pallets.

Sustainability is the new black

Every business wants to grow through ideas that don’t cost the Earth. Ideas that save time and money. Ideas that help businesses work smarter. But where do you start? How do you focus? One way is by attending Canberra’s biggest sustainability expo, packed with keynote speakers, informative seminars, interactive workshops, exhibits and more. Happening on Thursday 7 […]

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Canberra mum’s TV debut with a Thud

Canberra’s own mum blogger Lauren Dubois is part of a new Mummy Time TV show that promises to become your virtual mothers group – only much funnier. The former political journalist worked in TV and radio in the Federal Press Gallery before taking a break to have her children whom she fondly refers to as […]

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Marriage equality or Human Rights?

Historically, women have always been disadvantaged by the institution of marriage. I can attest to the fact that I was financially and emotionally disadvantaged by my marriage and then my subsequent divorce. My gorgeous children and amazing family aside – the institution of marriage is not my friend. Marriage is deeply rooted in patriarchy and […]

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