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How to avoid a tacky Halloween

Sick of fake blood and neon-orange coloured plastic pumpkins? There are many classic items that come out to play on Halloween when it comes to decorating – things like pumpkins, spiderwebs, fake blood, unrealistic dead hands shooting up from the ground, tombstones, and skulls to name a few. While some people can go simply grotesque […]

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Books that disturb and disrupt

For our Magazine: Disruption we asked Rebecca Worth, Myf Williams and Odette Shenfield of Paperchain Bookstore to choose their favourite ‘disruptive’ texts. THE END WE START FROM Megan Hunter Amongst the rising sea waters in London, a woman gives birth to a child and names it ‘Z’. Britain is irrevocably thrown into a whirl of […]

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This could go one of two ways

A friend invited my kids and I over on Saturday night for some supper and a few games of pool. We met in the group I’m in for young widows and widowers, and our boys are the same age. We got talking about hypochondria, and how we tend to imagine the worst since going through […]

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Daddy Disrupted

Having a baby is a life-changing event for any parent— as well as one of the toughest jobs in the world. But for those dads who choose to become primary caregivers while their partners return to work, the experience also often flies in the face of societal expectations. ~ When Nikolai Jermolajew and his wife […]

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It’s not just a survey, it’s personal

When it comes to my personal life I value privacy. But there are times when even people who quietly go about their day, just getting on with loving the person they love need to speak up. Within the context of a national vote on whether the rights allowable to most Australians can be extended to […]

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How to be Wonder Woman without leaving Canberra

Women are trending right now. And when I mean they are “trending” I mean that there is currently an influx of inspiring bad ass women power that has begun to dominate popular culture. Think Wonder Woman, Atomic Blonde, and the upcoming Tomb Raider movie set for release in 2018; leading ladies kicking ass and taking […]

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Travel, and Self-Reclamation in Sheridan Jobbins ‘Wish You Were Here’

Sheridan Jobbins’ debut book, Wish You Were Here, is a travel-memoir, that contains elements of comedy, romance, adventure, and drama. Jobbins’ light, humorous style reads like a combination of Helen Fielding and Nick Hornby, with a quirky and uniquely Australian twist. The book is both extremely amusing and touchingly honest. The author does not hide […]

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Sometimes we turn to Podcasts and Netflix to escape from the real world, other times it’s to tune in for a little inspiration. With a focus on women who are challenging the status quo and kicking goals, these picks are sure to leave you feeling motivated to start a disruption of your own… GLOW   […]

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The Mask of Motherhood

There was just one moment, throughout my surprisingly enjoyable pregnancy, that would really give me an indication of what was to come. It wasn’t that episode of Friends where Rachel gives birth to a beautiful baby girl and a few episodes later is back at work, as fabulous as ever. It wasn’t the many Instagram […]

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Escaping the Modern Loop

Have you ever wanted to throw in the towel and just go? To quit your job, buy a one way ticket and pack your swimmers? To most of us, this is a 2pm workday fantasy that mostly involves a winning lottery ticket and white sandy beaches free of colleagues and responsibilities. Then reality comes crashing […]

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