Taste Riverina Week 8

Are your breasts OK?

I do not have breast cancer. But I recently descended into a nightmarish world in which I discovered I most definitely did have a lump. As it turns out, that lump would be deemed to be harmless but would lead to the discovery of an even more ominous dark spot on an ultrasound in my other […]

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Book review: Barbed Wire and Cherry Blossoms

Barbed Wire and Cherry Blossoms is the latest novel from the celebrated Indigenous Australian author, Anita Heiss. Set against the backdrop of rural New South Wales during the second World War, it tells the story of the burgeoning relationship between a young Aboriginal girl, Mary, and a Japanese Prisoner of War, Hiroshi, who has escaped […]

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child rainy day feature

Are you respectfully falling out of your relationship?

I recently saw a post on an online forum from a young adult whose parents divorced when he was not quite a teenager. He shared how he felt during his parents’ divorce. He felt like he was in the middle of their divorce that seemed to drag on for years and years. His parents fought […]

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Wellness Roadtest: World of Wellbeing

Sometimes these Wellness Roadtests come at just the time I need them most. It’s a common story. In our busy, busy lives we keep going and going and going, ignoring our body’s signals to stop … to take a break … until we fall in a big heap. I started 2016 with recurring hives and […]

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Breakaway Trails: Singapore

BALMY TROPICAL WEATHER, CAPTIVATING ARCHITECTURE, A SHOPPING PARADISE AND CULINARY EXPERIENCES TO PLEASE THE MOST DEMANDING GOURMAND — SINGAPORE HAS IT ALL. Now that we have direct flights to Singapore from Canberra, you’ll need to know where to eat, sleep and stay so you can get the most out of long weekends, family holidays and […]

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Happy Birthday Snow Babies

I have five children, a beautiful thirteen-year-old daughter (my teenager), a cheeky and gorgeous three-year-old son (my ‘threenager’) and three ‘snow babies.’ Today, my snow babies turned two. Snow babies? You’re wondering? Yes… my beautiful babies, or to be more scientific, they are our five-day-old embryos that are currently on ice (in Sydney). Two years […]

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Dreams Reads + Sounds

“Dream a little dream of me…” For our most recent Magazine: The Dream Issue, we asked writer and bookseller at Muse, Stephanie Wang and our resident podcast enthusiast, Molly McLaughlin, to compile a list of dreamy reads and podcasts. BOOKS ALICE IN WONDERLAND Lewis Carroll Alice Liddell dozes by the river one golden afternoon and […]

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woman sitting on bench sad feature

Three uncomfortable truths about asking for help

Someone arrived on my doorstep a few days ago who I’d never met, and gave our family a meal. It’s her 40th birthday year, and she’s made a deal with herself that she will do 52 ‘random acts of kindness’ — one per week. Helping a stranger’s family with a meal presented her with another opportunity […]

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A nearby beach

The Paradise Retreat SCHOLARSHIPS are still open

Exciting opportunity for two lucky yogis! The Paradise Retreat SCHOLARSHIPS are still open. Are you at a point in your life where you just need to step away from the overwhelming pressures of your everyday? Do you need some time-out so that you can gain perspective and remember what truly makes you happy?  The Paradise […]

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Dream Jobs: Hayley O’Neill

“WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU GROW UP?” When we’re young, many of us fantasise about being musicians or making movies; as we get older we may dream of being paid to review fine food, or working in magazines. But what’s the reality of these ‘Dream Jobs’? Just three years ago Hayley O’Neill […]

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