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The Law and You: Am I in a de facto relationship?

For many couples, marriage is no longer the be-all-end-all. Some couples have been dating for a while. They socialise as a couple, have met each other’s family and live out of each other’s homes. They might even be thinking about moving in, opening joint bank accounts, contributing to joint expenses, buying property and having children. […]

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The Law and You: Deciding on where your child goes to school

You might have separated from your partner, but if you have children together you’ll always have a relationship with them — your co-parenting relationship. Your co-parenting relationship is one of the most important, involved and ongoing ties in your life and the life of your children. It’s important to handle this well. This column shares […]

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The Law and You: Acting rationally with high emotions

Acting rationally. When you’re going through a highly emotionally charged separation from your spouse or partner, it’s easier said than done to stay cool. This column shares four tips to help get you through the initial painful period of separation, and even through negotiations and/or matters in Court. They can help you reach an amicable […]

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The Law and You: Relocating with children after separation

Going through a divorce is hard on families, especially when one party decides to relocate. It takes time for new routines to be established and for children and adults to feel comfortable with their different lifestyles, new roles and changed responsibilities. Relocation cases are often the hardest cases for family courts to decide. Former Family […]

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The Law and You: Five things you might not know about divorce

‘Divorce’ is often used when married couples separate. Couples mention ‘divorce‘ when they negotiate a property settlement, or when they’re working out arrangements for their children. However, ‘divorce’ has a much more narrow meaning than most understand. Here are five things you might not know about divorce. What exactly is divorce?  A Divorce Order is an […]

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The Law and You: Changing Court Orders about your children

Court Orders outline the arrangements you and the other parent must follow for your children. What happens, however, if one of you wants the Court Orders changed? While it’s possible, under some circumstances, to have them changed, it’s important to go about it the right way. This column talks broadly about changing Court Orders and […]

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The Law and You: Planning international travel with your children

When you’re separated and want to take your children out of the country, it’s not as easy as buying a ticket, packing bags and heading off. You need to understand your legal rights and responsibilities before embarking on an international trip. Here is some information you need to think about, whether you’re the parent travelling […]

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The Complex Web of Surrogacy: An update

The world will never forget the face of beautiful Baby Gammy. The case shone a massive spotlight on the complex web of surrogacy. The topic has been back in the news with surrogacy clinics having opened in Nepal, Cambodia, India and Thailand. Recently, Australian babies have been denied exit from Thailand and Australians have been […]

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The Law and You: Sharing kids at Christmas

Christmas is meant to be a time for love and coming together. But holidays aren’t always comfort and joy when you’ve split from your partner. Holidays can add stress, especially when it comes to deciding how to share the children. Here are practical tips and thoughts to help make life as enjoyable as possible for you […]

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The Law and You: Domestic Violence

Not a week goes by without a story of a murder of Australians at the hands of a violent or former partner. Sixty-three women have been murdered in Australia so far in 2015 as a result of domestic violence. One in six Australian women will experience violence from a partner or former partner at some […]

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