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Anthea and Lyndon: The Couple Who Capture

“We can give something valuable to people that they can’t give to themselves.” Creative Canberrans Anthea and Lyndon believe that wedding photos and videos should provide an emotional connection to the day, rather than simply being a record of what happened and who was there. “Traditionally, events at a wedding were filmed continuously from a […]

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PAUL+DAN feature

Then Comes Marriage

Would you do it if you knew that your marriage would be legal for just five days? One weekend in early December 2013, dozens of same-sex couples from Canberra and around the country stood together, declaring their love and being joined in marriage. They didn’t have much time to get things organised. The ACT Legislative […]

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Be Our Guest: How To Behave At Weddings

Weddings are a wonderful occasion and generally speaking, people are pretty good at knowing the standards of behaviour that the bride, groom and other guests have come to expect. It’s not a Friday night after work at the pub, and it’s not a corporate dinner for your workplace, but weddings have a pretty respectable and […]

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HerCanberra Wedding Series: Laura’s Big Day

In the last of this series, Laura Peppas shares her wedding experience, with some big-day advice… After six months of planning every minute detail of our wedding day – every last rose petal, seating plan and stationary order – the countdown was over. The big day was finally here. The afternoon before our wedding, I was […]

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HerCanberra Wedding Series: what the women wore

Selecting your wedding dress is the most exciting part of the planning process. If you are anything like me you’ve been picturing it since you were 11 years old. Since those early days of dreaming,  the style has most definitely evolved to what I ended up choosing for my most special of days. The Dress […]

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Kurrajong Hotel Canberra's Wedding Open Day

HerCanberra wedding series: DIY engagement party

Now the estimated cost of our wedding has become ridiculous, we needed to knuckle down and think where we could cut back without it looking like we’ve skimped in areas. One of our major savings was in our DIY Engagement party. And engagement party is typically the pre-event to the big day that should give your […]

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HerCanberra Wedding Series: documenting your big day

Along with booking in a venue, an equally important piece of the puzzle to lock in is a photographer. Through this process I have been amazed by the myriad quality photographers we have here in Canberra. There seems to be a particular theme in the style of wedding photos that are showing up on blogs […]

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