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Issue No. 8

Issue 8 of HerCanberra’s Magazine is taking things back to basics.

From effortless fashion and beauty to local food and wine producers embracing time-honoured practices; people eschewing the fast-paced connectedness of 21st century life and travel destinations off the beaten track.

It’s all about living a beautiful, simple life.

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The theme for Issue No. 7 of HerCanberra’s Magazine is ‘Escape’. We’ve teamed up with local stylists, foodies, photographers, fashionistas and more to produce an issue that takes readers on an adventure. It covers diverse content, from creative home inspo through to the ultimate stylish picnic as well as enviable getaways near and far. Closer to home, we discuss topical issues, such as bullying and body image – where circumstances can seem inescapable.

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Issue 6 of Magazine is all about ‘Dreams’. From the reality of dream jobs, to fantasy food; from dream destinations to the future of Canberra. It’s an issue that will grab your attention and explore the theme of ‘dreams’ in all aspects — dark and light. Read the e-issue now!

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