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Summer down under for all abilities

In town for the Summer Down Under Wheelchair Racing series this weekend Canberra’s own...

HerCanberra Team

Design your dream career

Do you live for shows like The Block and House Rules? Could you spend...

Ashleigh Went

I Dream of Disney: Phoenix McKay

Disney devotee Phoenix McKay feels like her dreams have come true. The second year...

HerCanberra Team

Five minutes with Mister Maker

He’s practically a superstar among the preschool set and he’s coming to Canberra! We...

HerCanberra Team

Crowdfunding change for female academics

Any mother will testify that caring for a family is a full-time job. Anyone...

Morgan Alexander

What Loulou did next…

This is the story of one of the city’s best-known florists Loulou Moxom and...

HerCanberra Team

Women at Work: Lisa LaMaitre

Businesswoman, Visionary and Founder of Canberra Wise Women. The second of December marked the one-year...

Eilish Rehwinkel

Getting “appy” with the Merrymaker sisters

They created a healthy food following, and now they have created an app to...

HerCanberra Team


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