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Wise Women: Alex Sloan

“Forgiveness is a very underrated virtue and it sure trumps hate.” In the lead-up...

Emma Macdonald

Wise Women: Patti Wilkins

“It’s also important to keep a sense of fun and play as we age.”...

Emma Macdonald

The life that led Sonia to start a movement

“My life has been change,” says 46-year-old Sonia Irwin with a laugh, “I’ll say...

HerCanberra Team

Brittany Raymond: Taking The Next Step

Dancing and acting has always been one of those magnetic combinations, not unlike peanut...

Olivia Afiabo

Technology and the intergenerational workforce

Holly Ransom, Emergent CEO, is one of the keynote speakers at the upcoming Mobile-ising...

HerCanberra Team

Alex Sloan – now we interview her…

Many Canberrans are mourning what feels like the loss of a dear friend. For...

Emma Macdonald

Women at Work: Emily Short

Passionate, determined and not “just a receptionist” In July of last year, the Doma...

Sophie Mateer

Just between us: it’s time for change

I’ve never been afraid of change. Instead, I view each of life’s twists and...

Amanda Whitley


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