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Quentin Bryce to address Canberra women

“It was one of those things when you’re asked to be involved you couldn’t...

Beatrice Smith

Women at Work: Chanel Irvine

Chanel Irvine is a young woman on a mission – armed with an entrepreneurial...

Unity Paterson

A Few Good Women

We all have one of them in our lives. You know, that person who...

Tritia Evans

Kerri Hartland, our newest top female bureaucrat

Newly-installed Secretary of the Department of Employment Kerri Hartland feels the Australian Public Service...

Emma Macdonald

Stirring The Pot

Women have historically been consigned to the kitchen. Or at least relegated to serving...

Emma Macdonald

Maker’s Mark

In a convenience-obsessed world where consumers want things ‘now’ and want them cheap, where...

Belinda Neame

Canberran wins Australian Women in Wine Award

Canberra winery owner named winner at the Australian Women in Wine Awards Four Winds...

HerCanberra Team

Future Generation: Elizabeth Lee

Touted by psephologist Malcolm Mackerras as the ACT’s next Liberal Chief Minister, Elizabeth Lee...

Emma Macdonald


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