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The Marks family.

Operation Christmas Spirit: Family spreads random acts of kindness

From paying a stranger’s grocery bill to picking up the petrol tab, a local family are spreading random acts of kindness around Canberra each day until Christmas. Mother of four Latoya Marks says her family decided to start “Operation Christmas Spirit” after reflecting on all the tragic events happening around the world. “We realised that our family […]

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Artists impression

Women at Work: Emma Thomas

For someone responsible for one of Canberra’s largest projects, Emma Thomas seems relatively relaxed. The Project Director of Capital Metro, who has been overseeing Canberra’s controversial light rail scheme for the past two years, has copped her fair share of criticism in that time but is adamant locals will “grow to love” the change. “We’ve seen in […]

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Firefighter38 pm

Push for more women to take on firefighting

After growing up on a farm, Kaye Bradtke was never one for deskwork. “I always knew an office job wasn’t for me,” the 36 year old admits. “I found I wasn’t suited to the type of work where you’re just sitting still all day.” Craving a more physical role, Kaye found her calling in firefighting […]

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Leane in her new Belconnen store.

Women at Work: Leane Khalidi

Step inside jewellery boutique Devine Goddess and it’s hard to believe it all began six years ago with two modest foldout tables in the Gungahlin town centre. Each weekend, outside of her full-time retail job, Leane Khalidi would dutifully set up collections of jewellery and accessories outside of her local grocery store. “I eventually got […]

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Photo Credit Katie Keegan - Shannon RUTLEDGE (AUS), Ward Nurse - RR3707

Women at Work: Shannon Rutledge

After finishing college, Shannon Rutledge was struggling to decide what she wanted to do for a living. That all changed when she travelled overseas for her gap year. “While I was travelling, I saw the injustices of the world,” Shannon says. “Coming from a first world country we often forget those that are less fortunate than […]

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Vanessa-Gazy feature

Women at Work: Vanessa Gazy

She’s worked on films in Paris and London but award-winning director, writer and producer Vanessa Gazy has always been drawn to her hometown; Canberra. “I have always adored the landscape here and the landscape of my childhood, and I’ve found I’ve always ended up coming back to Canberra in my work,” Vanessa says. The 29 […]

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Ceramicists that clay together, stay together

They live together, regularly work together and, although their aesthetics are radically different, they are kindred spirits in the world of ceramics. Meet Cathy Franzi and Chris Harford, two high-end ceramicists who live in Canberra and who each enjoy a reputation for the quality of their work that spreads far beyond the borders of the […]

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Women at work: Tracey Denton

Four months ago Tracey Denton was waiting in line at a Civic café when she overheard a conversation that would prove to be the catalyst for her business. “The two men in front of me were complaining that they never had time to pay their bills, pick up their dry-cleaning, that sort of thing, and […]

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Amber Nichols: Our new ‘Voice’ hopeful

When Hayley Jensen made it to the top 50 on reality singing competition The Voice last year, good friend and fellow Canberran Amber Nichols was in the audience, watching proudly. This time it was Hayley’s turn to watch on as Amber blew the judges away during her blind audition in the show’s fourth season, which aired […]

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Katrina Marson: Leaping without a net

Social justice, sex education and leaping without a net In a world that unfailingly underestimates the drive of young professional women, Katrina Marson has combined passion and justice in her career. Katrina began her studies at the Australian National University in 2008 where she studied a double degree in Arts and Law. Katrina says she […]

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