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ACT Woman of the Year: Amanda Whitley

We’re thrilled to announce that our founder and director Amanda Whitley has been named as ACT Woman of the Year 2016. Yesterday’s award ceremony at the High Court of Australia saw women from all walks of life being recognised for their amazing contributions to our community and to the experience of being a woman in the […]

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Photo: SBS

The Family Law applies to us all

“For a long time, I thought mum didn’t fit in because she was Chinese. Then I realised it’s just mum.” Since The Family Law debuted on Facebook and SBS a month ago, I’ve been telling anyone who’ll listen to watch it. And it’s not just me. The TV show, based on Benjamin Law’s book of […]

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Cooking Circles: Heidi Zajac

In a world where we are connected now more than ever, how is it that so many women and girls still find themselves so isolated and lacking confidence within their own communities? Heidi Zajac is one Canberra gal doing everything she can to cook up the perfect recipe to connect these very females around the […]

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RAW Awards: Wednesday Moon

Fire poi. Yoga belly dancing. Martial arts. For performing artist Wednesday Moon, dance and movement are a way of life. Whilst she loves and is influenced by many different types of dance, it’s her amazing hooping performances that have landed her firmly on the Canberra dance scene. “I first started hooping in 2013,” Wednesday shares. […]

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Ceramicists that clay together, stay together

They live together, regularly work together and, although their aesthetics are radically different, they are kindred spirits in the world of ceramics. Meet Cathy Franzi and Chris Harford, two high-end ceramicists who live in Canberra and who each enjoy a reputation for the quality of their work that spreads far beyond the borders of the […]

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Amber Nichols: Our new ‘Voice’ hopeful

When Hayley Jensen made it to the top 50 on reality singing competition The Voice last year, good friend and fellow Canberran Amber Nichols was in the audience, watching proudly. This time it was Hayley’s turn to watch on as Amber blew the judges away during her blind audition in the show’s fourth season, which aired […]

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Dionne Wong: Humanitarian at heart

When Dionne Wong told her parents at age eight that she wanted to live in Africa, she probably didn’t envision herself becoming the Youth Ambassador for Development for the Presbyterian Church of Ghana by age 21 before being seconded to CARE Nepal as the current Information Manager for the Emergency Response team at CARE Australia. […]

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Jessica Aulich wins Winston Churchill Scholarship

There is no doubt in any person’s mind that domestic violence is an issue that can enter anyone’s life, at anytime. This is not a new fact but the levels of community support, discussions in the media and a heightened outrage has brought what was once deemed a private issue into the spotlight, which is […]

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Julie McKay’s pursuit of gender equality

Study a degree locally that’s respected globally. Julie McKay shares her life before and after studying a Crawford School Master degree. With the dream to improve the lives of millions of women, Crawford School of Public Policy graduate Julie McKay is a woman in pursuit of 100 per cent gender equality worldwide. Juggling the roles […]

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The call every mother dreads

It was on a cool spring day in September when Tracey Collins got the call every mother dreads. Tracey’s eight year old son Brodie had been hit by a car after stepping onto a busy road near the family’s Harrison home while playing with his younger sister Belle. Brodie’s injuries were extreme – he had 12 broken […]

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