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The Moment: Emma Macdonald

If you’ve ever met 44-year-old Emma Macdonald, you’ll know she never does anything by halves. Emma is a double Walkley-award winning journalist. And somehow, after 23 years on the beat, she’s still deeply passionate about her craft. “It is a privilege to enter people’s lives, tell their stories and hopefully sometimes affect change for the […]

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The Moment: Pip Seldon

Trigger warning: This story contains discussion of suicide and self harm. If you or someone close to you needs support, please call Lifeline on: 13 11 14 Things always look different in retrospect. Back in 2009 the holiday Pip Seldon, 37, and her family enjoyed at Rainbow Beach in Queensland was just a bit of […]

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The Moment: Siobhan McDonnell

Lawyer and anthropologist Siobhan McDonnell, 40, cried and cried when she found out she was accidentally pregnant with her second child back in 2008. Siobhan was living in Alice Springs with her husband, Laurence, and their first son, Will, who was eight months old at the time. “We lived in a really beautiful bush block, […]

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The Moment: Nicole Lawder

“As we were driving back to Canberra, we heard a news story about a shooting at Monash University. And my husband said to me, ‘You know, your brother works at Monash University. Maybe you should ring him [and] make sure he’s OK’. He was not OK.” “On one of those nights when I was waiting there […]

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The Moment: Shelley Watts

Olympian Shelley Watts shares the moment that changed her life. The road to the Olympics isn’t always one that’s paved with triumph. In fact, for elite sportswoman Shelley Watts, 28, it was exactly the opposite. Back in 2008 Shelley heard a loud, sickening “snapping” sound emanating from her knee during a semi finals soccer game […]

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The Moment: Ali Mountifield

The moment parents-to-be go into their first ultrasound is exciting and perhaps a little nerve-wracking too. There’s always a nagging doubt: what if something is wrong? For Ali Mountifield and her husband, Tony Smit, it was no different. On that day back in April 2007, Ali was both excited and anxious. The pair had been […]

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The Moment: Sarina Macklin

Trigger warning: This story contains discussion of suicide and self harm. If you or someone close to you needs support, please call Lifeline on 13 11 14. Like many of us, Sarina Macklin, 46, is not how she appears. She’s got a big, open smile and laughs easily. Sarina has travelled the world and was […]

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The Moment – Gai Brodtmann

Like most offices in the House on the Hill, this is large with plush carpet and white walls adorned with artwork from the Parliament House collection. There’s plenty of places for guests to sit, including couches and a polished, round wooden table and chairs sitting in the centre of the room. This is where Gai […]

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The Moment: Jenni Atkinson

With typical wry humour, Jenni Atkinson, 54, describes herself as “a ridiculously proud, out and sassy queer gender f****** transwoman.” And indeed, many Canberrans would know her as someone who works tirelessly on LGBTIQ human rights. As part of this activism, Jenni started the ACT-based information and support group TranzAustralia in 2011. This story is not […]

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The Moment: Priscilla Sutton

Priscilla Sutton, 37, takes her right leg off to show me. She presses a button and she – yes, the leg is a girl – comes off with a loud, mechanistic “click”. This below-knee prosthetic can only be described as beautiful. The calf area is covered with delicate flowers and birds in hues of grey, […]

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