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Five minutes with Lisa Gorman

Lovers of bold colour were overjoyed when it was announced that cult label Gorman will...

Josie Gouvoussis

Five minutes with Celestial Power designer Janette Wojtaszak

Bold, intricate and colourful, the Celestial Power collection is all about making a statement.  We...

Josie Gouvoussis

Shop like a stylist at Canberra Outlet Centre

It’s a sad fact of life that most of us mere mortals can’t afford...

Ashleigh Went

Canberra’s new blow dry bar – emphasis on bar!

What could be better than glamming up for a night out with a blow...

Emma Macdonald

FASHFEST 2017 Closing Night

The closing night of FASHFEST 2017 gave us everything from JLo meets Gone With The...

HerCanberra Team

FASHFEST 2017 Night Two

Night Two of FASHFEST 2017 took us to New Zealand and back in two...

HerCanberra Team

FASHFEST 2017 Opening Night

Opening night of FASHFEST 2017 showcased everything from raw talent to future faces. We...

HerCanberra Team

Eight reasons to get to FASHFEST

(even if you’re not a ‘fashionista) You don’t need to be a slave to...

Amanda Whitley

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