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A Flick of Hares: Supporting #girlbosses

It’s always a leap of faith when you try a new hairstylist. Sitting in...

Olivia Afiabo

Leslie Henshaw: Hair Chameleon

He may only be in his early twenties, but there’s more than meets the...

Valeriya Lloyd

Beauty Roadtest: Renew + Repair

It’s not unusual to look in the mirror at this time of the year...

Amanda Whitley

What is hair dusting?

Getting a haircut is not always about scalp massages and fresh locks. There’s also...

Debby Vilensky

How to add colour to your make up routine

I’ve asked myself this before – how do I add colour when doing my...

Debby Vilensky

Summer beauty essentials

To be honest, I’m not a big fan of the heavy makeup trend. I...

Maéva Navas

To wear or not to wear: Eye cream

This is possibly one of the most controversial beauty topics around – to wear...

Debby Vilensky

Beauty roadtest: The Lab Lash Lift

I want to look better naked. Naked-faced, that is.  ‘No makeup makeup’ is all...

Beatrice Smith

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