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Beauty Looks to Celebrate

It’s party season—the perfect time to mix up your make up routine. The HerCanberra...

HerCanberra Team

Miranda Kerr is coming to Canberra Centre this weekend

But not as you’d expect… Queensland born supermodel and founder of KORA Organics skincare...

Josie Gouvoussis

Beauty myth busted: Oils are bad

Oils produce pimples and make your hair greasy – wrong! Oils are actually the...

Debby Harrington

Pony & Pins: growing to great lengths

A milestone in any career is becoming your own boss—whether you’re a chef opening...

Calum Stenning

Nailed it: Summer nail trends

There’s nothing more chic than a manicured hand wrapped around a cocktail in summer.  Chip-free,...

HerCanberra Team

Fake Tanning 101: Dispelling the myths

Orange, patchy and, well, fake looking.  These are some of the concerns voiced by people...

HerCanberra Team

Spring Racing Makeup 101

What to wear for the Spring racing carnival gets all the attention. But what...

Debby Harrington

Reverse regime: Does conditioner before shampoo work?

Some things are just done in a certain order. You go to primary school...

Debby Harrington

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