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Venetia MREC

Top 10 finds in Canberra’s new beauty destination

Canberra Centre’s new Beauty Precinct is a full sensory experience. As one lady who...

Lesley Johnston

Bokeh Beauty

Smokey tones and contrasting textures combine to create a unique beauty editorial from an...

HerCanberra Team

What on earth is dermaplaning?

Who would have thought that women would adopt this part of a man’s beauty...

Debby Harrington

MAC is giving you free lipstick tomorrow

This is not a drill, we repeat, this is not a drill.  News spread...

Beatrice Smith

Brows, banter and babes: celebrating two years of The Lab

I still remember my first visit to The Lab (formerly known as Browlab), two...

Beatrice Smith

The beauty product that has me intrigued

Not many beauty products have this effect on me. I normally do a little...

Debby Harrington

Winter Metallics 101

Think ‘future’ and you think sleek, shiny metals.  We show you how to incorporate...

HerCanberra Team

The skincare ingredients to use and avoid

It’s understandable to read the ingredient list on your skincare products and have no...

Debby Harrington

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