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Venetia MREC

Five minutes with Lisa Gorman

Lovers of bold colour were overjoyed when it was announced that cult label Gorman will...

Josie Gouvoussis

H&M announce opening Canberra Centre date

H&M have announced doors will open on their Canberra Centre store on 23 November...

HerCanberra Team

Five minutes with Celestial Power designer Janette Wojtaszak

Bold, intricate and colourful, the Celestial Power collection is all about making a statement.  We...

Josie Gouvoussis

Shop like a stylist at Canberra Outlet Centre

It’s a sad fact of life that most of us mere mortals can’t afford...

Ashleigh Went

Bath to the Future with clever design pieces

Have you ever thought about the fact that we spend so much of our...

Beatrice Smith

Free-form gems and diamonds

A Canberra jewellery designer is bringing home the gold – and diamonds. Canberra jeweller...

Emma Macdonald

First Look: Gungahlin Collective by Sash and Belle

Sash & Belle has taken on a new project to promote and showcase local...

Elsie Adamo

It’s official! H&M is coming to Canberra!

H&M confirmed to join Canberra Centre’s international label stable. There have been rumours for...

HerCanberra Team

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