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The beauty product that has me intrigued

Not many beauty products have this effect on me. I normally do a little happy dance when something new hits the market and then read all about it before considering adding it to my collection. But this one required some extra thought only because it is something that just seemed too good to be true. It’s […]

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Winter Metallics 101

Think ‘future’ and you think sleek, shiny metals.  We show you how to incorporate one of the hottest trends for AW17 into your wardrobe and makeup. Metallics are everywhere this season, and it’s never been easier to incorporate a bit of sparkle or shimmer into your wardrobe. Stylist Hayley O’Neill advises introducing the trend to […]

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The skincare ingredients to use and avoid

It’s understandable to read the ingredient list on your skincare products and have no idea what those letters forming words actually mean. I’m talking about names like niacinamide and propylene glycol. Are those ingredients what we should really be putting on our skin? Or are we just being blinded by the scientific sounding word and […]

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To prime or not to prime?

Aussie makeup king Napoleon Perdis says not to prime is a crime. He believes it’s an integral step to apply the right primer, after you moisturise and before you put on your makeup. Disclaimer …There’s no doubt Napoleon knows his stuff. His primer mantra has been around for a while so it’s worth asking, does […]

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Road test: Laser Clinics Australia

When most men hear the word ‘laser’ I’m sure most of them would think of Luke Skywalker’s trusty lightsabre. But what if I told you that lasers can be hugely useful to your morning routine (and not in a ‘don’t come near me til I’ve had my coffee’ weapon-wielding kind of way)? A ‘beauty’ technique […]

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Solutions for winter skin woes

As the colder months approach, they can bring more than just a rosy glow to our cheeks. In winter, many people report their skin is dryer, flushes more easily and is prone to irritation. Why? In cooler and windier environments, there is less moisture in the air which is further compounded by coming in and […]

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Canberra’s international beauty squad

Four women who call the ACT home are proof you don’t have to live in a city that never sleeps, to make your dreams come true. FASHFEST makeup director Diana Cheetham and makeup artist Jacqui Scott were handpicked to go to Fiji Fashion Week. For both of them, it was their first international fashion show. Fellow […]

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Which makeup applicator should you be using?

My word have we come a long way from when the only way to apply makeup was with our fingers. Every week it seems there’s a new makeup application tool out there. Never fear though, as I’m about to break down which applicator does what so you can make the best decision about what you […]

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Metallics 101: video tutorials

Love metallics but not sure where to start? We’ve enlisted the experts to show you how. You glow, girl! In our first Metallics 101 video tutorial, make up artist Jacqui Scott shows you how to get that sunkissed glow using liquid and powder illuminiser. GoldenEye No, not the Bond film. This video tutorial shows you […]

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Hello Darling: An intimate conversation with Stephanie Darling

It’s a cuthroat industry yet hundreds of young women try every year to become a professional beauty writer.  Beauty Director for Fairfax Media Stephanie Darling isn’t just a veritable spring about all things beauty, she’s seen first hand the trends come and go, the big innovations and the affect of the internet on the beauty […]

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