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Summer beauty essentials

To be honest, I’m not a big fan of the heavy makeup trend. I believe in natural beauty and I really do think that EVERY person is so much more beautiful without 1000 different layers on their faces. That’s why I won’t be talking about heavy make-up today, just about the summer beauty essentials. It’s […]

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To wear or not to wear: Eye cream

This is possibly one of the most controversial beauty topics around – to wear eye cream or not to wear eye cream. Do you wear it during the day, at night or both? Seriously, it’s divisive and contentious and the opinions doing the rounds are varied. So let’s sort this out once and for all. […]

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Beauty roadtest: The Lab Lash Lift

I want to look better naked. Naked-faced, that is.  ‘No makeup makeup’ is all the rage at the moment, and I’m a total convert, as I’m sure most skin product junkies are. I love spending time and money on my skin, because the better it is, the less time and money you spend ‘hiding it’ […]

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Easy updos for summer

Feeling the heat this summer? One of the best ways to cool down (besides a Nutella gelato) is to keep your hair off your face. With this in mind, we asked the lovely ladies from Hairhouse Warehouse at Canberra Outlet Centre for some quick and easy updos to keep cool, while still being stylish. Happy watching! Fishtail Pony Three […]

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Flushing my old face down the drain

  It’s been five minutes since I walked out the door of Clear Complexions, and I cannot stop running my fingers across my face. Quite frankly, it doesn’t feel like my face and I am astonished to feel skin more at home on the faces of my children. My, oh my, it’s been decades since […]

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Woman portrait with red lips and curly hairstyle

Quick party ready hairstyles

It’s (finally) summer and party season is in full swing. If you’re running low on hair inspiration for the many work functions, weddings or Christmas/New Years’ gatherings ahead, don’t stress. We asked the lovely ladies from Hairhouse Warehouse at Canberra Outlet Centre to take us through three easy hairstyles that will have you party ready […]

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Christmas Local Lust List

We love supporting local businesses here at HerCanberra…and at Christmas there’s no better time to shop local. We see so many ‘must have’ lists that are chock full of items from overseas companies or interstate online retailers, so we have set out to find the things that we love that you can find in your […]

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Beautiful woman with healthy long hair keep it in hand

Easy work hair styles for the time-poor

During an average work week, I’ll give my hair roughly two minutes of attention in the mornings. Sometimes the reason is that I’m running late (oops) but more often than not, it’s because I simply don’t have the energy to wash, blow dry, whip out the curling iron and so on. This means my usual […]

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My beauty routine

I am a sucker for a new beauty product. I have so many moisturisers and eye creams and primers and serums – it’s ridiculous but I like to try new things. I have found that despite the endless unfinished tubs and tubes of products, I still have my favourites that I run out of and […]

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Day to Night with the Glam Squad

We’ve all been there before. You watch a beauty tutorial on YouTube, and attempt to replicate at home. Sometimes you pull it off, and other times you end up with make-up in all the wrong places. To remedy this, local dream team of make-up artist Jacqui Scott and hairdresser Lexi Bannister, have got you covered […]

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