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Which makeup applicator should you be using?

My word have we come a long way from when the only way to apply makeup was with our fingers. Every week it seems there’s a new makeup application tool out there. Never fear though, as I’m about to break down which applicator does what so you can make the best decision about what you […]

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Hello Darling: An intimate conversation with Stephanie Darling

It’s a cuthroat industry yet hundreds of young women try every year to become a professional beauty writer.  Beauty Director for Fairfax Media Stephanie Darling isn’t just a veritable spring about all things beauty, she’s seen first hand the trends come and go, the big innovations and the affect of the internet on the beauty […]

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Ultraformer III: Immediate effect

There are very few women out there who delight in a beauty routine that takes 20 steps. We lather up with creams and lotions and potions, have this treatment and try that one, all in the name of beauty. Now there’s another one to add to the list that quite possibly surpasses them all—it’s called […]

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Trending: Colour Crave

Colour splash is back!  Usually, when autumn hits we break out our bleakest greys and blacks and prepare for the winter ahead but with this year’s trends, you’ll celebrating summer all winter long. According to sources like the MECCA Cosmetica Trend Report, colours are here to stay, so let’s break down the top makeup trends […]

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A Flick of Hares: Supporting #girlbosses

It’s always a leap of faith when you try a new hairstylist. Sitting in that chair—that hair chair, if you will—can be a daunting experience. This time, however, it’s the hairstylists making the move and trying something new. A Flick of Hares (AFOH) is the latest creation in Canberra’s hair salon community. Lead by Directors […]

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Leslie Henshaw: Hair Chameleon

He may only be in his early twenties, but there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to Leslie Henshaw. Former creative director for Bond Hair Religion and current Head Colourist for Next Hair in Braddon, Leslie’s evolution from young TAFE student to successful hair stylist has been rapid, being listed as a finalist […]

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Beauty Roadtest: Renew + Repair

It’s not unusual to look in the mirror at this time of the year and think your skin could use some TLC. The combination of perhaps a little too much festive cheer, harsh summer sun and sea (or chlorine) and air-conditioning can see us looking more Tom Hanks in Castaway than Tyra Banks. And while […]

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What is hair dusting?

Getting a haircut is not always about scalp massages and fresh locks. There’s also the accompanying anxiety of not knowing if you’re actually going to get what you want. Thankfully, more and more hairdressers are taking note of the curiously named ‘hair dusting’, so if you say just a trim, you’ll get just a trim. […]

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How to add colour to your make up routine

I’ve asked myself this before – how do I add colour when doing my makeup? I mean, I don’t want to walk past a mirror and take a glance, only to freak out because I’m all clown and no class. It’s summer and the stores are swamped with bright palettes from the likes of Kylie […]

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Summer beauty essentials

To be honest, I’m not a big fan of the heavy makeup trend. I believe in natural beauty and I really do think that EVERY person is so much more beautiful without 1000 different layers on their faces. That’s why I won’t be talking about heavy make-up today, just about the summer beauty essentials. It’s […]

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