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Christmas Local Lust List

We love supporting local businesses here at HerCanberra…and at Christmas there’s no better time to shop local. We see so many ‘must have’ lists that are chock full of items from overseas companies or interstate online retailers, so we have set out to find the things that we love that you can find in your […]

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Easy work hair styles for the time-poor

During an average work week, I’ll give my hair roughly two minutes of attention in the mornings. Sometimes the reason is that I’m running late (oops) but more often than not, it’s because I simply don’t have the energy to wash, blow dry, whip out the curling iron and so on. This means my usual […]

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My beauty routine

I am a sucker for a new beauty product. I have so many moisturisers and eye creams and primers and serums – it’s ridiculous but I like to try new things. I have found that despite the endless unfinished tubs and tubes of products, I still have my favourites that I run out of and […]

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Day to Night with the Glam Squad

We’ve all been there before. You watch a beauty tutorial on YouTube, and attempt to replicate at home. Sometimes you pull it off, and other times you end up with make-up in all the wrong places. To remedy this, local dream team of make-up artist Jacqui Scott and hairdresser Lexi Bannister, have got you covered […]

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Roadtest: BroBrows

 “She told me she was tinting my lashes and it would really make my eyes pop. OMG I can’t believe I just wrote that…” Being married to Ms HerCanberra herself can make for an interesting life. I get to tag along to some great events as the plus one, a bit like WAGs on the […]

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Beauty Roadtest: Resurface and Rejuvenate

Until I turned 40 in May, I was pretty blasé about the appearance of my skin. I had a daily routine that included cleansing, moisturising, sunscreening — and exfoliating two times a week — but I never really invested in looking after my skin. However, in the lead up to the big 4-0, I started […]

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What’s the deal with vegan makeup?

The vegan and organic food market is booming and from that we’re seeing the increasing demand for all natural beauty products. It’s a small but growing industry in Canberra according to holistic beauty therapist Kristy Stephens who operates Indah – a clean, green beauty service using only products certified organic. Vegan makeup is plant based […]

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Three Halloween looks to try

Sometimes, the simplest Halloween costumes can be the best. This Halloween you don’t need to spend hundreds on renting a realistic Black Widow costume or spend hours fixing blood and gore to your face. You just need your trusty makeup palettes or for some looks, a trip to Priceline or a similar store. We teamed […]

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Injectables: what you’ve been wanting to ask

All of us simply want to age well with healthy skin. The amount of damage we inflict on our skins means we are aging before our time – increased redness, pigmentation and dehydration is coupled with wrinkling and loss of volume. All of this is premature, environmentally induced aging but the good news is you […]

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Eight great Canberra pedicures

With that warm spring weather rolling in, the winter boots are back in the closet and the sandals are making their first appearance of the season. But if your toes aren’t in any state to say hello, fear not as Canberra has more than enough salons to get you perfectly polished. Skin Deep Beauty Therapy, […]

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