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Home Stories: Rowan Marsh-Croft

Going over to Rowan’s home in Cook was like visiting a museum of interests; both his and mine. Knowing that he is a graphic designer and DJ, I was expecting a nice cup of tea while we remarked on his latest poster designs and colour-coded collection of records …but no, instead we covered: art exhibitions, […]

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We’ve become Fashionably Numb

I have loved fashion for as long as I can remember. As a child and teenager, I recall certain items that I lusted after fiercely (hello tensile denim jeans), some things I wore to death (RIP Stussy overalls) and others that were acquisitions that never even made it into medium rotation (such as the silver Doc […]

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Canberra Centre’s homeware haven: What to know before you go

As you may have heard Canberra Centre’s Monaro Mall Lifestyle Precinct is opening soon – this Thursday 2 November to be exact. Focused on design, homewares and all things luxe, it will be accessible by the escalators across from L’Occitane in the Centre’s Beauty Precinct, further cementing its place as the home of premium brands. […]

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Never Leaving Home

It’s a familiar scenario in cities around the country. Young couple falls in love and buys a home together. They choose something small in an outer suburb and as their family grows, they add rooms or move to a larger place closer to the city. Except when you are Belinda Neame and Tim Bean and […]

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Saint Valentine lands in Hackett

The Hackett shops, once tired and empty, are enjoying a renaissance. Where there was once a deserted lane, now stands a bustling café, restaurant and bike shop, coaxing residents from across the Inner North to Hackett. And with the opening of its newest resident, they have even more reason to stay a while. Occupying a […]

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Want to peek in Amanda’s bathroom?

After 15 years of renovating, across two houses, we are finally done. Well, until Mr HerCanberra decides there’s something else he wants to do with the place. Or wants to build somewhere else from scratch. Whichever comes first. Until then, I’m relishing the fact that we have a pretty perfect place to live. As […]

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Home: Living on JStreet

Standing on the balcony of Beau and Sam Babic’s Jamrozik Street home, it’s tempting to pull up a chair and stay soaking up the view for hours. There, in the distance, is the unmistakeable spray of the Captain Cook Memorial Jet, the flagpole of Parliament House, and Telstra Tower’s spire—a vista framed by the lush carpet […]

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Photography: Andrew Campbell

Lumi lights up Gungahlin living

Buying a home is the largest purchase most of us will ever make. So it’s hard to wrap your head around the idea of parting with hundreds of thousands of your hard-earned dollars with only renders and colour schemes (and the hope that the finished product will look every bit as good as the artist’s […]

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Home Stories: Kate Fenning

Sometimes when you first meet a stranger, something clicks and you just get them. Kate’s hugely popular Yorkelee Prints business started on a chance encounter and I found Kate’s styling work on Instagram by fluke, so perhaps this alignment of great coincidences just follows her around. In looking at Kate’s aesthetic, it’s probably not a […]

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Bath to the Future with clever design pieces

Have you ever thought about the fact that we spend so much of our time in the smallest room of our house? Whether it’s a quick pre-work shower, an exhaustive beauty routine or quiet candlelit bath, it’s often the place we start or end our day—and the way we feel about our bathroom can make […]

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