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Home Stories: Andrea Hutchinson

Standing in the doorway of her home in Braddon, Andrea Hutchinson put her hand on her hips. In her Swiss accent, she apologised; “Ash, we may have to do this all again another time, because the home is not really set up, sorry.” You would be surprised of how often I hear this from the […]

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Home Stories: Myles Chandler

Well it’s about time I came out the workshop closet …yes, it’s true; I have a thing for bikes. My love doesn’t extend to all bikes though; my loves are those with a more classic or vintage look, which I’ve saved from somewhere, fixed up and now feel as though they’re a part of me. […]

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Home Stories: Emma Batchelor

To get to Emma’s place in Harrison, I followed the construction path of the light rail project from Civic right to the doorstep of the apartment. Canberra is changing and seeing all the new developments along the way is testament to that (we just need to turn that Mitchell landfill into some kind of flower […]

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Emma Macdonald_Ashley_feature

Home Stories: Emma Macdonald

I actually hadn’t met Emma until the moment she opened the door. Victor and I were half-way through saying ‘wait, are you sure we’re at the right place?’. To many of you, Emma needs no introduction. After more than two decades as a journalist at the Canberra Times and various other ventures, Emma is a […]

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Home Stories: Dave Caffery

Instead of a home visit, I decided to catch up with Dave Caffery at the office of his cultural consultancy Dionysus, nestled at the bottom of the Hotel Hotel Building in New Acton. Now before you say, “but hang on Ash, your series is called ‘Homes Stories’ not ‘Work Stories’… why mess with the superb […]

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An Ashby State of Mind

A small stone cottage in Bungendore has survived 180 years.  Now a young Canberra family has given Ashby Estate a new lease on life, hopefully ensuring another 180 years for the graceful rural retreat. ~ The gigantic canopy of elm trees which hides the historic homestead at Ashby Estate was already more than 50 years […]

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Home Stories: Sarah Kelly

I knew my visit to Sarah’s home was going to be something special. Not because I had arrived early for the first time in my life (and didn’t make Victor wait for me like a loyal servant), but because her home exemplified an incredible contrast of styles right from the start. From the outside, Sarah’s […]

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Home Stories: Phillip Jones

I have a book at home called ‘I Am Dandy’, which is devoted to elegant gentleman who take finesse in style to the extreme. The book reminds me a lot of Phillip—while I wouldn’t label him as ‘extreme’, there is certainly plenty of finesse in the home he shares with his gorgeous wife Edwina and […]

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Georgie Beaumont_feature

Women at Work: Georgie Beaumont

Where the runway meets your living room. Learning the ins and outs of the industry since she was a child, Georgie Beaumont is the founder of home style business, Luxe and Beau. As the Head Designer for the company, she has developed a chic local brand that stocks a unique collection of cushions, rugs and lampshades. […]

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Home Stories: Aaron Ridley

Lots of people know Aaron from his bar, Ha Ha Bar, his legendary parties, and his support of artistic talent—ranging from SAFIA and Coda Conduct, to Jess Cochrane and yours truly. If you’ve never heard of these people, check them out for melodic indie pop, funky hip hop, incredible paintings and—in my case, Magnifik for […]

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